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10 Popular Dishes in Africa

Africa is a beautiful continent with the spread of cultures across thousands of miles, especially when it comes to food, there’s plenty of culture, flavour, spices it’s never ending, Africa’s favourite foods offer something for every palate. But it seems as if African dishes– are still woefully under-represented on the world culinary scene. Check out 10 wonderful dishes in Africa that hellofood.com.ng have compiled.



Jollof rice and chicken is a dish that is certainly in the hall of fame especially when it comes to parties in Nigeria. The dish consists of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, salt, garlic, bell pepper, carrots, green peas or cabbage. and spices; Touches of this dish can be found all the way through the continent. Nigerians significance to have the most authentic recipe




Kushari is the Egyptian national dish, which contains pasta and tomato sauce, other ingredients are rice, garlic, caramelised onions, chick peas and lentils. This dish has four sources of carbohydrates, which has made it the most popular lunch item in Egypt.


South Africa



Bobotie is a one of South Africa’s signature dishes, and possibly the most common dish in Cape Town. It’s combined with minced lamb, pork or beef and various herbs and spices.  For those that have a bit of a sweet tooth they usually include bananas, chutney, a spice fruit, sambal, a chilli-based condiment, and shelled walnuts with the egg topping. This is likely to be the chosen dish, when you want to give overseas visitors the typical taste of South Africa.




​Fufu is a well-loved dish in Ghana. It consists of boiled cassava which is mashed and pounded into a paste. Fufu tastes delicious particularly with groundnut soup, dried fish and assorted vegetables. The Cassava is rich in carbohydrates which supply the body with energy.




‘Thiebou jen’ means rice and fish in Wolof; usually broken rice is used for this dish. This dish is very popular in Senegal, because it is easy and inexpensive to prepare and of course, delicious to eat!





Most of Tanzanians dishes consist of carbohydrates and a lot of starch. One of the general dishes in the country is a corn flour mush, also known as Ugali. Eating it alone is rather tasteless so it is typically eaten with sauce, veggies, beans or meat.




In the northern African country Morocco, Cous cous is there National dish. It is made out of semolina and water rolled with the hands, then dried and steamed, ingredients such as meat, spices and vegetable are the main elements in this dish. There’s no way you wouldn’t find this delightful dish in the majority of Morocco’s Restaurants.




​Taking it to the west side of Africa, Gambia has a lovely dish called ‘Domoda’ it is a rich groundnut stew made with tomatoes, peanuts with some type of meat consisting any chosen vegetables you would like to chuck in whether pumpkin, potatoes etc. What makes this dish unique is that the flavour comes from the main ingredient of concentrated peanut paste. There is a great source of high protein packed with nutritious value in this dish.






Ndole is a dish enjoyable in Cameroon made up of bitter leaf and groundnuts and served warm with boiled rice, fried plantain or bobolo (a Cameroonian dish made of cassava and wrapped in leaves). The dish may also contain shrimp or prawns.




​Matooke is the fruit of a variety of starchy banana. Matooke is similar to mashed potatoes but instead it is boiled and mashed plantains wrapped in banana leaf. In Uganda , the fruit is steam-cooked. It is everywhere and served with every meal: with eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even though it is pretty bland-tasting on its own usually it is mixed with the “sauce” which is surprisingly fairly nice.


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