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10 simple sex positions that won’t break a sweat

by  Shachi Lavingia, Team iDiva


Not everyday would you feel like trying out different sex positions, which actually can be pretty complex from what you’ve heard.Let’s admit it, sex positions aren’t always as simple as they seem.

They make you twist and turn, and sometimes you even end up hurting yourself or your partner. On days like these, when you don’t want to be experimental, stick to easy peasy sex positions like these.

Soft rock: Instead of the usual missionary, try this different but simple position. Just like in missionary, lie on your back and ask your partner to be on top.

Ask him to move his body a couple of inches upwards, and rest his hands on either side of your shoulders and put all his weight on you. Make sure your legs touch his and push your pelvis upwards. Rock up and down instead of the usual in and out motion.

Doggy style: Did your eyes just pop We said simple, not boring! Doing it doggy style is extremely simple and oh-so pleasurable. Get down on all fours and get your man to enter you from the back.

Ask him to go as deep as he can so that his testicles come in contact with your body. This position just brings out the raw side to sex.

Triangasm: Lie on your back and ask him to move on top. Make him sit on all fours as you raise your pelvis to be in line with his penis. This position puts you in charge of the speed and time of each thrust. Ask him to stay still and as long as he obeys, you get to decide how deep he goes inside you. Push harder to slide him in deeper.

Straddle him: When he is sitting on a chair, climb on top while facing him and straddle him. Lower yourself on his erection but go extremely slow. Start with taking just the tip of his penis inside and slowly proceed to take him all in.

This position not only allows you to caress each other as much as you’ll please, but aslo doesn’t give you enough freedom of space, making it an even better experience.

Spoon away: Nothing gets better than the age-old spooning. Lie down on your side and make your man enter you while lying on his side. Push your butt out while he enters you, and make him stroke your clit and your breasts in turns.

This position gets you in close contact with your partner making it an extremely intimate moment.

Woman on top: Ask your man to lie on his back while you climb on him. Slide his penis inside you and place your hands on either side of his shoulders. Once you slide him deep enough, move your hips from side to side or all around, whichever you please. This way you can feel his penis touch every inch of your vagina

Pillow eight position: Use a pillow to push your butt upwards when you lie down on your back by placing it under your butt. Ask your man to enter you as he does in the missionary position, the pillow beneath your butt makes his pubic region come in contact with your clit, making it an even pleasurable experience for you. Ask him to move inside you with slow figure eight movements.

Desk job position: Make him sit on a chair near your desk and while facing your back to him, push your butt back to take him in. Sit on his erection and lean forward by stretching out your arms until they touch the laptop. Lift your feet off the floor and let him rock you back and forth. Watching your bodies merge together will push him off the edge.

Back to back: Lie down on your stomach and spread your legs a little. Ask your man to lie down on top of you with his hands on either side of your shoulders. Make him enter you by pushing your butt out a little. Join your legs together as he moves in and out of you, thereby increasing the friction.

Lapping it up: Make him sit down on the bed with his legs spread out and his back straight. Lie down on your stomach between his legs and ask him to slide his penis inside you as you push your legs way back on either side of his torso. Slide up and down by holding his feet for support.


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