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17 ways to lose weight without lifting weights

Hop scotch: This exercise works the core, improves stability, balance and enhances core. Hop scotch also improves coordination and motor skills.

Burpees: It is a quick easy full body workout that you can do at home.

Bridge: Lie down on your back with your knees bent, pointing upwards. Raise your hips slowly, hold the pose for ten seconds and return to the original pose. Do up to 8 repetitions.

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Jogging in place: Jogging steadily increases the heart rate and prepares your body for theweight loss workout. Make sure you purchase a good pair of shoes that will prevent any stress on the legs while jogging.

Arm circles: Rotate the arms as a warm up for intense exercises. Moving your arms in circles helps you prevent any injuries, so rotate the arms if you are a biker or going to lift heavy bags.

by Trina Remdios

Tabata training: Tabata training is designed according to your requirements – fat loss, weight loss, endurance, improve cardio. Warm ups are important for tabata, as you don’t want to pull a muscle.

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Squats: There are different ways to do squats, and this makes it a great exercise to flex your leg muscles. Bend your knees and go down as far as you can. A full squat activates all the major leg and butt muscles. It can be done with or without weights.

Planks: Doing planks is another great way to work the arm muscles and burn belly fat. This exercise involves balance along with different poses makes it a great weight loss exercise.

Cool down exercises: If you stop your intense workout immediately the blood will accumulate in the legs or blood pressure could drop. Do some lunges, stretches or yoga poses to cool down.

Jumping rope: Jumping rope is a childhood game, but it spikes metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process. Jumping rope is a bridge between a warm up and your workout as it rapidly increases your heart rate. Jumping rope is a good cardio exercise for weight loss. You can burn roughly 1,000 calories per hour.

Leg lifts: The leg workout is a way to build muscles and increase stamina. Place your left leg on a step or a risen area for a second, with your right leg flat. Then step down with your right leg followed by left.


Push ups: Fitness instructor, Rajesh Sharma from Navi Mumbai says, “The movement requires strength, flexibility, and utilises many of the major muscles in the upper body. You will feel these in your chest, shoulders, and triceps for sure.”

Lunges: According to Rajesh Sharma, the Russian lunge exercises your leg muscles, especially your quads. This exercise is great to develop speed, agility, a strong core, burn fat and enhance endurance.

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Crunches: Crunches are important exercises for weight loss and abs, but it definitely is not the only exercise. Several people make this mistake of only practising crunches for abs; a full body exercise is needed for building abs.

Walking: This is another simple warm up exercise that can speed up your heart rate. Walking also increases metabolism.

Jumping Jack: Jumping Jack is also known as star jump and this is a fun way to warm up. Jump and raise your hands above you and spread your legs at the same time and jump back to stand at ease position.

Weight Loss Exercises: 

Stretches: Stretch the arms, legs and back before any exercise even if you plan to jog or walk. This will flex the muscles and prevent muscle pull or strain, which is a common occurrence after an intense workout.

Warm ups: 

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