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5 Exciting Reasons to Visit your Hometown this Festive Season



The festive month of December is here again. It is a month that almost everyone looks forward to from the momentary break from the hustle and bustle experiences all year round. The atmosphere is not exempted from the season as the harmattan haze adds to the anticipation.

It is also a time when there is an increase in social activities across the board, especially for the travel and hospitality industry.




As at now, many families will be contemplating whether to travel to their country homes or stay in the city to celebrate Christmas and New Year. If you are undecided about where to go for the holidays, Jovago.com, Africa’s N1 hotel booking portal rolls out five reasons why you should visit your hometown this festive period.





Escape the stress of the City

If you reside in a fast moving city like Lagos, Port Harcourt and Kano, you should cherish the opportunity of visiting your hometown. It has been proven over time that life in the countryside is simple, unassuming, inexpensive and reasonably stress-free. These are the things you will enjoy for free while your visit to your hometown will be a viable stress reliever.


Meet Family and Friends

Chinua Achebe wrote in his evergreen book Things Fall Apart said that “…When we gather together in the moonlit village ground it is not because of the moon. Every man can see it in his own compound. We come together because it is good for kinsmen to do so.” In other words, it is good for family and friends to meet. Where and when do you have this opportunity to meet all your family and friends if not during the festive period? This is another reason for you to travel.


Smiling Family Posing in Field ca. 2002


Visit Tourists Attractions

If you grew up in the rural areas of the country, you will appreciate life in the countryside more. It is natural, unadulterated and virgin.

It is also puzzling that many of Nigeria’s tourist attractions are located in these areas. So, if you eventually visit your hometown it will be a double barrel experience, you enjoy the fairly unpolluted ambience as well as the tourist attractions.


Taste real indigenous local food

When it comes to the preparation of food, there is rarely a competition between food prepared in the countryside and the city.

The food that many consume in the city is processed. loses its nutritious content during the processing. Meanwhile, in the countryside, the preparation is irresistible as each step is as natural as possible. The result is a tasty meal.





Reconnect with your heritage

Life in the city is both enthralling and exciting. Thus, this has made it quite difficult for some people to visit their hometown due to their unsophisticated lifestyle. So, in order not to severe the fetter that links you to your heritage, it is worthwhile to visit your hometown during these upcoming festive period with your family.




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