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5 Excuses guys will give to escape Valentine’s Day spending today

Okay, so love is in the air and everyone is warming up to it. Valentine’s Day is a day for celebration of love and affection.


People tend to celebrate it in different ways and styles. Most lovers do not take it lightly as they see it as an avenue to celebrate love alongside billions of people across the globe. As simple as it is, celebrating Valentine’s comes with a price; being able to show commitment and do as much as humanly possible to make your loved ones feel special. This of course requires staking something in financially. This is the part most guys want to avoid. It would be reasonable for a man to get his girlfriend something exquisite on Valentine’s Day. People exchange cards and other gifts that day so it isn’t out of place to do this. There is no doubt that women on the other hand know how to blow things out of proportion. Most women look forward to being given treats and pampered to a fault that day. The expectations of these women often push the men beyond their limits. Most women have standards and have beautiful ideas about how the day could be spent. They know the exotic zones to be visited and exactly what would make the day end in bliss. Having known these, some men play the women swiftly and look for ways of escaping the expenses of that day.

Read some of the excuses guys give to escape spending

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1. Work

This is one of the most common excuses men give while trying to plan an escape for that day. Work suddenly becomes so important; it is placed as a priority within that period. There would be set targets and some unknown persons breathing down their necks in the office. The good part is this year’s Valentine’s falls on a Sunday so the work excuse may not sell to the expecting girlfriends and wives. While the men may not be able to bail out on their partners this day, women should watch out for excuses that are work related. The writing of a report , submission of a proposal at work and some obscene event to be planned at work could spring up.

2. Feigning The Day Isn’t Important

Some men feign nonchalant attitude when it comes to the celebration of love on this day. They act like it doesn’t bother them and they see no reason to be part of the celebration. Sentences like ‘Love is not about money’,  ‘Must we join thousands of people doing the same thing’ or ‘Do you want me to make you feel special this day alone or everyday’. These and many more like that are used to blackmail women and make them back down the idea of creating a fuss that day.

3. Church

Since this year’s celebration of love is on a Sunday, some men could become scriptural all of a sudden and act on it. ‘Keep the Sabbath day holy’. They would lay emphasis on the day being a day of rest and start to create awareness of how well they would rest that weekend. Some memes have been launched already about how the men intend to go for all the services listed for that day. The girlfriends are implored to join them in this their quest for a new found relationship with God. God is after all love.

4. Being Sick

It would be unfair to drag a sick person out of his bed and into the town just for Valentine. Some men form being sick and avoid the drama of the day. They console their partners by promising to make it up to them since they would celebrate many more together and in love.

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5. Too Demanding

Some men launch the idea of their partners being too demanding and act on it. They become aggressive and irritable. They lay emphasis on how they would cope with their partners in the nearest future since they cannot help them manage their resources now. When women hear this, they tend to soft-pedal and take things slow. No one wants a relationship of many years to break just because their partner doesn’t want to take them out on Valentine’s Day.

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