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5 Signs he’s an expert in bed

Just like the men admire women and make analysis of their bodies and how good they would be in bed, women also have things they watch out for in men.

File photo of couple in love

File photo of couple in love

Modesty asides, being good in bed is one of the major features a man is expected to have. Although most women put up the coy act and pretend to be indifferent about these things but deep down they want to have a good time with the men they choose to sleep with. Unlike the women who have physical features like the butt and the boobs to accentuate their sexuality and give hints about how good they could be in bed, the men’s attitude could be a judge of their performance in bed. Although, some men who could be loud and boisterous about their skills and abilities when it comes to sexual performance, women prefer to do the selection themselves at the long run and go for men who would leave them gasping for breath after a sexual encounter.

Read below what women watch out for to deduce if the men would be active in bed or not;

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1. Mannerism

Men who are courteous, smooth and sensual turn out to be experts in bed. Although some ladies interpret their coolness as a weak point, these men often turn out to be romantics who would serve the women pleasure in ways they have never experienced before. Behind their warm smiles, there’s always a glint of awareness and knowingness about the bedroom ordeals. Women could be sure that treatment would continue when they are in bed with them as they have the skills to make every sensual nerve spring to life.

2. Knows special spots on your body

Men who are experts in bed just don’t rush at women and spoil the fun before it even starts. They take their time in studying women and get to know the kind of things that thrills them. They may not necessarily scream sex; rather, they are calm and make the women comfortable with them. While many people may perceive them as being slow, they watch out for signs that may give them hint about the parts the women love to be touched when there is body contact. And while at it, they go for these spots and daze the women with passion.

3. Appreciates you

Men who are experts in bed often appreciate women; they make them feel beautiful and talk about them with great passion. A man who compliments a woman when there’s the need to do so boosts the woman’s morale. His looks would make the woman feel she’s attractive and if intense, could cause her to go limp with desire. One could be sure that he would touch every part of her body with a yearning that would awaken a deep want in her also.

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4. Putting your needs before his

A man who isn’t selfish and would consider a woman’s needs before his own would definitely give the woman a swell time in bed. Little sacrifices portrayed as being insignificant often say a lot about one’s character. In the bedroom, men like these are wonderful and love making is always a fulfillment with them. They put their own desires asides and see to the women’s sexual fulfillment. They carry them along during the process and make them crash at the same time such that the sexual tides wash over them together.

5. His kissing style

Men who are presumed to be experts in bed seem to have an all-round knowledge of the women’s physiology and matters that concerns sex. While he may not be perceived as a player, he should definitely know how to turn a woman on through kisses. Kissing could be irritable to many especially when the kisser doesn’t know how to go about it. Men who are capable of making women wet during kissing would definitely drive women wild in bed. One can be sure that they know how to use their tongues well.

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