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5 Tricks to Never Lose your Luggage




During a trip, your luggage is the most important asset. This is because nearly everything you need for your vacation is kept in it. Part of the items also include your travel documents. 

Hence, you will not want anything to happen to it. It is a nasty and unsavoury feeling if you lose your luggage. You may be handicap. To forestall this occurrence, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal offers 5 tricks on how to ensure you never lose or misplace your luggage whenever you travel.


baggage claim



Personalize your Luggage

A unique luggage cannot be stolen. If it is, it can be found without stress. Travellers should do everything to ensure that they can easily identify it. Also, it is advisable not to rely on tags alone, they can simply cut off.

You may use a marker to write on the bag. This is applicable for long distance journeys from Lagos to Kano. Same goes for international flights.


Early arrival

The best trick to stop you from losing your luggage is to arrive at the airport or bus terminal as early as possible. This will avert any hastiness to board a flight or bus. This rush may result to the traveller leaving their luggage behind. It will a bitter pill to swallow if you arrive at your destination and your luggage is nowhere to be found.


Track your bag

If you are a regular traveller that deals with a handful of luggage, you should invest in a tracking device. Presently, there are devices that can easily help you locate your luggage.


Take a selfie

As a general rule, take a selfie of all the items you are travelling with. This will serve as undeniable proof that you own the luggage. Doing this will help you collect your bag without any hassle if and when it is found.


Use social media

Twitter is a reliable platform for making reports. Many of the airlines and bus operators have Twitter handles and Facebook pages. 140 characters can swing them into action to ensure that they recover your luggage. However, be subtle with the use of social media for safety reasons too.   




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