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6 Money Management Tips for Spendthrift Travellers

Money Saving Tips


There is rarely anything you can do without money. It is like the air you breathe on a daily basis. With money, you can plan a fantastic and out-of-this-world vacation with friends, families and your significant other in Calabar or in any other part of the globe.




However, what is abhorred by many is extravagance. In other words, the indiscriminate spending of money that may prompt you to start making emergency calls to friends and family to send you some monies. They may not always come to your rescue if getting stranded becomes your habit. To help you handle money better anytime you are on a vacation., Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal some shares money management tips for spendthrift travellers.


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  • Have a budget

A budget restricts your expenditure to a specific amount. Therefore, it is important to have a list of all your itinerary along with the estimated prices of hotel rooms, goods and services in the region. This will breed a culture of discipline, thus curtailing excessive spending.   

  • Carry little Cash

With cash in your pocket or bag, the possibility of buying on impulse is very high. To prevent you from falling into this trap, carry as little cash around while ensuring that you do not use your ATM card to withdraw beyond the stipulated limit legally permitted daily.


  • Track your Expenses

Despite the existence of a budget, some people may find it difficult to adhere to the budget. To prevent your expenses from piling up, you should track your expenses to ensure that you can afford whatever you order for or any fun activities you engage in. You can do this every night before going to bed.


  • Use online banking

Online banking is not only for instant cash transfer. You can have the details of your daily expenditure at your fingertips. This is another reliable method of tracking your expenditure. If you are interested in online banking, visit your bank to get a token and username.


  • Haggle

Haggling is not restricted to women alone. Men also haggle for the best prices possible on any deal. This is important if it appears that the seller is trying to swindle you. So, you have to respectfully beat down the price. Do not accept to pay the price that the seller utters if you want to save money. However, do not make the haggling pathological habit. If the price is not acceptable to you, you can always shop around.


  • Know the Exchange Rate

The Dollar is the universally accepted mode of payment in international transactions. Hence, always ensure that you make your estimates based on the trending exchange rate. This is relevant if you are booking or buying anything online. Importantly, consider the exchange rate of the country you are visiting on vacation.



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