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7 advantages of keeping your hair natural

If you are tired of hopping from one relaxer to another or spending all your hard-earned money on expensive weaves and wigs, then you should probably go natural and save yourself the unnecessary headache and expense.

by Oke Peter

Thick hair can look a bit bulky when pulled into a bun or a single braid and can put a strain on hair ties and bobby pins. Fine hair is easier to pull into one, and can look a bit more effortless

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With fine hair, a dime-sized amount of product goes a very, very long way! Thicker haired naturals require more product to coat and seal their strands, plus they often require heavier products — like shea-based butters and creams — that tend to be more expensive. Many fine haired naturals can skip heavy butters and seal with lighter, cheaper products like coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

When you have less strands to detangle, the process is much quicker. Plus, fine haired naturals can get away with finger detangling only, while many thicker haired naturals must also incorporate hair tools like Denman brushes and wide toothed combs.

When there’s less hair to get through, styling tends to go faster. On fine hair a set of twists or box braids can take less than 2 hours, while thick hair styling often take 4 hours of more. Plus, thick hair can be a downside at the salon, with many stylists charging extra cash for clients with a lot of hair to get through.

There’s nothing hotter in the summer time than a mass of thick, heavy strands. The “scalpiness” of fine haired styles is actually a plus in the summer time, providing a way for heat to escape the body.

2. Easier and Faster Hair Straightening:

Maintaining an all natural hair in this Nigerian weather can be very difficult and nearly impossible, especially for those of us who are blessed with thick and ‘stubborn’ hair that tangles all the time.

3. Easier Bunning:

While coarse strands and thick hair take more coaxing to loosen their curl pattern, fine hair tends to take to heat more easily and requires less of it to straighten out. On the flip side, you have to be careful not to burn fine strands. Keep your blow dryer at medium to low temperatures, and don’t keep the flat iron on for long!

4. Hot Weather Friendly:

Nonetheless, going ‘chemicalized’ also has adverse effects on our hair as many ladies do not know which relaxers or hair products that best suit their hair types. The end result of such poor choices are always disastrous, leaving them with unhealthy hair or at worst, an embarrassing hairline.

5. Shorter wash day:

While thicker haired naturals have to divide their strands into several sections and cleanse and condition each one individually, fine haired naturals can get away with fewer section and, in some cases, not sectioning at all. Plus, fine haired section take less time to work through and air dry much faster.

6. Easier Detangling:

Below are 7 reasons why you should ditch other options and keep your hair natural:

7. Faster Styling:

1. Less Products:

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