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7 (weird) things Nigerian celebrities do

1, They put the “B” in “Baby Mama”

A number of Nigerian celebrities have allowed themselves to be involved in one club fighting debacle or the other. Of course, most of them maintain that they were not at fault. The question is, how did y’all get in the same place with the touts anyway, thought you only did VIP?

This is a growing trend among musicians in the country. They have an album coming out and they say one or two of the songs were “leaked” meanwhile we all know that the ‘leakers’ are none other than the artistes themselves. What’s up with that?

It is a known fact that most Nigerians still need to be schooled in the art of charity, However, you’d think celebrities would know better. Unfortunately the reverse is the case. Most Nigerian celebrities only go to orphanages on their birthdays and they publicize the event so much that you wonder who they’re kidding.

by Tutu Akinlabi

We love our Nigerian celebrities, but you have to admit that sometimes they do things that either make us roll around in laughter or gape in amazement.

Here’s a list of 7 weird things that our home grown celebrities do:

The purpose of ‘twitfights’ is to allow immature and jobless people have an avenue to vent their frustrations. It is therefore disturbing to see that celebrities who are supposed to be enlightened and exposed allow themselves to be dragged into the muddy arena that is social media.

6, They engage in charity only on their birthdays

7, They get into ‘twitfights’

5, They get into club fights

2, They “leak” their own songs

The list of Nigerian celebrities with little tots running around is endless and it keeps growing by the day. Instead of asking which stars have baby mamas, the ideal question would be which of them DOESN’T have a baby mama.

Yes they are living large and we know they are living large, but do we actually need to be told every intricate detail of how they spend every kobo? We have Google and we know how much cars and clothes cost thank you very much.

4, They insult fans who diss them over social media

You are famous for a reason, it means you’re in the public eye and people want to take cheap shots at you. You only show that you’re a better person by brushing it off and moving on. However, some celebrities think it’s necessary to inform their fans about how rich they are and how the offending fan is not. Tut-tut, bad celebrity.

3, They announce how much they spend

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