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Accept Yourself And Manage Others

Published on October 14, 2014 by   ·   No Comments

By Modupe Eka

Last time we looked in details at our personal dynamics each personality behavioural traits strength weaknesses and areas for growth to learn more details you can go to our website. Just as we examined blends, we will today examine combinations. Remember we use the term blend primarily to refer to a person’s D, I,S, or C makeup within himself bear in mind no one is purely a D,I,S, or C, each person is a unique blending of these four basic style to a greater or lesser degree.

We will be examining how people relate to each other, since you and I have a distinctive individual blend, when we begin to interact together, we become a combination. In other words how does your behaviour style combine with my behaviour style? As we work together we produce a combination that is unique to us.

Almost every marriage relationship combination begins on a great note. After all, most of us marry someone we deeply love, someone we vow to spend the rest of our lives with.  So what disrupts this harmony soon after we come together? The symphony turns sour when our mate’s differences become irritations it is an undisputable fact that we always attract our opposite. Soon after we come together the well known concept kicks in ‘opposite attract…..then opposite attack’ our differences create disharmony and we become frustrated we begin to think in our minds’ why can’t you just be normal ….like me” we compare, and the difference that brought us together in the very first place begins to irritate us, remember that the attractions, that began our relationship were our differences.

It is with our unique difference that we help support and strengthen another person. This is not only true in marriage; it is equally true in the business world that is employer-employee relationships and employee-customer relationships. In the home, parent-child relationship, at school teacher-student relationship and the list goes on. Wherever two people work together you will find differences and if two people are exactly alike all the time in everything then one of them is unnecessary!

As we deal with combinations keep in focus that our unique differences strengthen and support one another. To be effective in life, we must learn to adjust our own behaviour style. If we always focus on seeing things only from own perspectives, we will be one-dimensional. In dealing with all personality types we must provide an environment that encourages their growth, understanding where are coming from makes us twice as effective. Next time we shall be looking at combinations in more details. See you at the top

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