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Budget scandal: Read what Buhari plans to do with those sabotaging him

– Some top civil servants in different ways tries to sabotage Buhari’s 2016 budget

– The president demands to fire bureaucrats involved in the “resistance”

Buhari presents 2016 budget

President Buhhari during the presentation of the national budget

Sahara Reporters has obtained the information that President Muhammadu Buhari plans to fire top civil servants in the Nigerian Senate for sabotaging his budget.

Two sources in Buhari’s government said that “bureaucratic resistance and entrenched systemic corrupt practices dogged every move by the presidency during the preparation of the 2016 budget,” continuing that the president had ordered that guilty bureaucrats be identified, discharged or demoted.

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One of the insiders noted that, after learning that the presidency was considering a large budget of possibly N8 trillion in order to importantly increase capital expenditure, some civil servants jacked up the budget proposal to N9.7 trillion for overhead and capital spending, even without personnel spending.

“This indicated that the Buhari administration significantly cut some of the main provisions,” the source added.

Officials also proposed to spend N2.1 trillion on staff office for the 2016 estimation compared to N1.8 trillion in the 2015 budget.

Meanwhile, the presidency also cut this down to N1.7 trillion in the final calculation sent to the National Assembly.

President Buhari reportedly found the bureaucrats’ games displeasing, but decided to keep his cool in order to meet the deadline for presentation of the budget in line with the laws.

“While Mr. President has always stood for prudence and against waste, the bureaucrats were sneaking in controversial provisions that clearly didn’t represent the president’s standards and priorities,” the source continued.

“Anybody who knows the president would realize that he could not have approved or endorsed some of the questionable provisions.”

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The sources revealed that many of the controversial provisions in the budget were essentially smuggled in by what one of them described as “the budget mafia in the civil service, made up of people who consider the period of budgeting as their time of massive opportunity to arrange the stealing of public funds.” The sources gave the assurance that several top civil servants involved in the “resistance” would be fired soon.

The 2016 budget generated controversy after senators said the documents presented by the president were missing.

In fact, the document was taken for some amendments.

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