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  • 7 things that guys do that confuse women

    by Holly Riordan When your crush tells you how beautiful you look, it’s hard not to smile. But if he compliments other girls as well, it’ll make you wonder if he likes you or them. He might be interested in every girl that crosses his path, or he might just […] Post From Ynaija

  • 7 simple ways to make weight loss easy

    by Tara Zimliki Start basing your life around fitness by parking farther away, moving more around your home, and even planning your weekends around doing activities like hiking and road racing. 1. EAT FOR HEALTH Stop using food as your guilty pleasure and start eating for health. Research the benefits […] Post From Ynaija

  • 7 resolutions couples should consider making this year

    by Diana Trotter Is there a list of things you’ve always wanted to try together? Make this the year that you finally cross some of those items off your list. Whether you do something daring like skydiving or just try sushi for the first time, the most important thing is […] Post From Ynaija

  • Police investigate suicide by father of 7 in Abuja

    by Akintomiwa Agbaje The death of Frederick Onigbo has led to the FCT police command to commence investigations into incidence. It occured on new year eve and is being investigated as an alleged suicide by the resident of Gwarimpa Estate in the Federal Capital Territory. According to a Vanguard report: […] Post From Ynaija

  • 7 most overlooked relationship killers

    By Terri Orbuch, PhD Many couples only talk about what’s going wrong in their relationships. But couples that also focus on what’s working well—on the glass half full—are much happier over time than those who purely try to “fix” their problems. 1. Skipping me-time. Among unhappy couples, more people point […] Post From Ynaija

  • Horrific: Blast kills 7 people including pupils in Homs, Syria

    by Akintomiwa Agbaje A car bombing on Sunday in the central Syrian province of Homs killed seven people, five of them schoolchildren, the official SANA news agency reported. “Terrorists blew up a car bomb near the primary school in the town of Omm al-Amd in the countryside outside Homs, killing […] Post From Ynaija