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Catholic school fires gay teacher – After applying for marriage license

What are your feelings about terminating someone because they are in love and want to marry someone of the same sex?

Is he concerned about the reputation of the school?  Is he afraid that a leak about Michael would cause fingers to point at the school?

Additionally, Father McCloskey has spent personal time with Michael and his partner – as the two of them were invited to spend time with McCloskey in his home.

Michael is in violation of his contract with the schools policy which states that employees must live a life according to the principles of the Church.  An employee in violation of the policy amps the schools reason to terminate, explains Father McCloskey.

Do you have a problem with Father McCloskey’s decision?  Is he right or wrong?

Although Michael has read and clearly understands the school policy – he still intends to marry his same sex partner.

Faculty at the school are required to follow church teachings!

Michael Griffin (r)

When the administrators at the school found out about his desire to get married to a man, they terminated him – stating that his decision to engage in holy matrimony with the same sex was a violation of his contract with the school, according to the Associated Press.

The head of the school – Father James McCloskey told NBC Philadelphia that,

Read more: All Christian News

Michael Griffin is gay – he held a teaching position at the Holy Ghost Preparatory, a Catholic school in Pennsylvania for 12 years – Michael taught French and Spanish at the school.  However, things begin to go sour when he applied for a marriage license.

Michael said, for 12 years Father McCloskey and the school have known of his lifestyle.  According to Michael, they even knew of his relationship with another man.  Michael also shared that he was a former student of the school.

I have to wonder why Father McCloskey is taking such drastic actions towards Michael at this point in time.  After all, he already knew of  Michael’s lifestyle.

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