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#CHAN2014 Final: Ghana Vs. Libya — LIVE UPDATES

8:07 With 50 minutes played, both sides are still pushing equally to the lead. but Ghana leads so far in foul table. A Libyan player have just been wheeled off the pitch. A free-kick is awarded after that, and the Ghana goalkeeper is down receiving treatment after colliding with his teammate.

Libya: 1 1 1 0 0 1

8:38 We are now into the last 10 minutes of the match. No side looks good to score yet. We might see another prolonged final.

8:24 Libya’s first corner kick in the match is poorly delivered, ending up in between Ghana goalie’s palms. Match continues 68″ Ghana 0-0 Libya

8:55 Extra time begins.

8:17 So far, Ghana has made more efforts to win this match but have suffered poor delivery. They lead libya with 2-0 attempts on target. First substitution by Ghana. Yahaya Mohammed replaces limping Sulley Mohammed.

Welcome to our live updates of the final match Ghana and Nigeria. Sorry that we are commencing this commentary 20 minutes into the match. It was due to a technical hitch at our end.

9:25 Owusu in, Opoku off, as Ghana searches for a late inspiration with its third and final substitution.

7:38: Free kick to Libya but it was given away as Ghana assumes possession of the ball

9:14 Libyan Omar wastes a golden opportunity to put his country ahead after he failed to convert a point blank nodder in the sir yard area. Great goalkeeping by the Ghana goalkeeper.

9:03 Ghana makes another substitution, hoping to change the game and win a goal. But it is the Libyans who have recently heightened their search for a goal.

8:34 Two Ghan players rolling on the pitch after a terrible collision during an attacking player with a Libyan. They receive medicare.

7:23: 25 minutes played in the finals of the African Nations Championship. Ghana 0-0 Libya.

8:02 Second half starts.

9:28 End of extra time. The match still goalless. The final will proceed to penalties, the first in CHAN history.

8:49 End of 90 minutes. Ghana 0-0 Libya. the match proceeds to extra time, 15 minutes on each side. But first, the players catch their breadth.

7:39: Libyan are also making occasional inroad into the Ghana half with one of its players unleashing a power shot that flew over the bar

9:10 Half time in extra time. Still no goal. Both side now swap sides and if at the end of the next 15 minutes, there is still no goal, a penalty shootout will decide the winner.

Ghana: 0 0 1 1 1 0

8:20 Libyan Omar substitutes Ganuri as the second change in this final match.

7:30: Free kick to Libya. Ghana have enjoyed a lot of attacking play and a few wasted opportunities.

Penalty Kicks

7:31: More than 30 minutes played, and Ghana are the more determined of the two teams. They are pushing forward, making deft touches and taking shots at the Libyan goal

7:47 End of first half. Scoreline remain Ghana 0-0 Libya.

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