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Dangerous Lover: Jealous gay man kills 18-yr-old boyfriend at US university

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Police have arrested a man for the killing of his 18-year-old
boyfriend at an apartment near the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, United
States, on Friday morning.

According to an affidavit obtained from Travis County records, and
published in news reports, 20-year-old Bryan
Michael Canchola
killed his
boyfriend, Stephen Roy Sylvester,
during a drunken dispute over

According to the arrest affidavit, Canchola and Sylvester, who
both resided in one apartment came home after drinking.

Their neighbour said he heard them screaming and banging around
4:13 a.m after which he heard the suspect screamed at Sylvester, “Why would you
cheat on me?”

He said they kept fighting until he forced his way into the room
and noticed blood spattered on the wall of the bedroom.

According to him blood was pouring down the back of Sylvester’s
neck and onto his shirt.

The roommate said Canchola punched Sylvester on the side of the
face, causing him to fall to the ground.

He then checked Sylvester into University Medical Center

But the Sylvester left the hospital and went back to his room
without being treated in order to settle with his boyfriend.

Later, Canchola called 911 to report that Sylvester was bleeding
from the back of the head and was unconscious.

Police arrived and took Sylvester back to hospital where he died.

Autopsy results said Sylvester suffered bleeding on the brain and
a fracture in his neck and was strangulated.

Austin Police Department confirmed that Canchola is in custody.

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