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Flash Fiction Of The Day: Travelling On The Interstate

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Travelling on the interstate expressway was dangerous enough during the day, but here he was, at ten in the night speeding home.

He had left Benin late, and even when they had advised he spend the night and travel first thing in the morning, he insisted.

“Lagos is calling,” he had said.

He slowed down as he approached the bend –the bend where many drivers had met their end. He thought about how people sped off the road and into the ditch. Some say the bones of drivers are still there, strapped to their seatbelts.

His heart skipped a beat as he saw what lay at the bend. Before him were six men, masked and heavily armed. He had heard all the stories and he knew they weren’t very friendly. He remembered the story of some people executed here in those splits seconds.

Without giving it a second’s thought, he hit the gas, burying his head in the steering wheel as he did so.
Ear-splitting gunfire followed. He heard the sound of shattering glass, metal hitting metal, men shouting as they jumped off the road avoiding the wrath of the rim of his SUV.

He had travelled a reasonable distance before he raised his head. As he looked back to see how much distance he had covered, he realised a window had been shattered. At least it isn’t my brains shattered, he thought.
It wasn’t long before he reached a police checkpoint.
“Officer,” he shouted, jumping out of the car as quickly as he parked, “Robbers!”
“Calm down sir,” one of the officers said approaching him, “what happened?”
He explained. “Please stay in our van while we make sure the road is safe.”

“Hello?” said one officer over his phone moments later, “Yes…Come quickly. We have him.”

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