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For the ladies: 10 signs that you are good in bed

by Gossip Queen


 If you are great in bed and have the best moves, then your man will find you very sexy and it will be difficult for him to keep his hands off you.

Am I good in bed? This question has been nagging you at the back of your mind since the first time you made love. We say love-making is almost like an art! An art you have to perfect over time and be great at it. But how to find out if you have achieved it or not? Fret not as we tell you about some signs that scream out loud the fact that you drive him crazy in bed.

Hand clenches: Just notice if your man is clenching his hands and legs when you are making love. If he is, then you are just doing the right thing to your man. Kiss him again and again at the same place and watch him go crazy.

Repeat performance: You have just made love and your man wants to go at it again. Well it’s a big sign ladies that he is unable to resist you. If he wants you again and again, then it only means one thing – yes you have some rocking moves in bed!

Behaviour post love-making: If your man acts distant just after you have made love or just hugs you lightly and rolls off to sleep, just know that there is something wrong. But if he canoodles you and holds you tight and shares a romantic kiss or two, then he has feelings for you and you are too good in the sack.

Flirty afterwards: He keeps on sending flirty text messages the whole day, is naughty and just can’t stop sending you naughty emojis. It’s love girls or shall we say deep lust.

Can’t stop talking about it: There can be two scenarios, either your man will get on with the daily chores or else will be smitten by you and will discuss every small detail about the passionate night. He will talk abou those kisses, that touch and how you drove him wild. Just know that you are a sex goddess who has just given him the best night ever.

Mr. Touchy: If you are great in bed and have the best moves, then your man will find you very sexy and it will be difficult for him to keep his hands off you. If he is touchy the whole day and finds reasons to touch you, kiss you and get naughty, just know that you are really good in bed.

Animal instinct: Men can be lukewarm during sex and at times passionate. But if you bring out the animal out in him every time you make love, then know that you have some great moves in bed. Between the sheets if your man is completely losing himself then you are amazing. Are you grinning already?

He confesses the truth: Men don’t tell it until they feel it. If he feels you are amazing in bed and is truthful about it, you will know that you are the ultimate sex goddess. If your man accepts the fact that you know the art to make him feel the best, then just smile and be proud.

He’s trying hard: Do you see your man trying new moves too? Is he struggling to keep up with you and invents new things to experiment in the bedroom. If he is trying hard to keep you satiated, then you are a sex diva and he is trying to get just as good as you

It’s great for you too: You can never give your 100 per cent until you are getting some great moves too. If he is giving it all, then you get better too. With reciprocation comes love and satisfaction. You get better with your man trying as hard too.


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