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How Sex With A Virgin Destroyed A Palace (VIDEO)

When a village is attacked by a mysterious spell that leads to the death of its people, the people become unsettled and begin to seek answers from various quarters.

A scene in the movie Udala.

A scene in the movie Udala.

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The king is initially unaware of the gravity of the situation till one of the high chiefs of the land approaches him and demands answers to certain question.

This rouses the king’s suspicion and he makes a swift move to nip the problem in the bud.

A scene in the movie Udala.

A scene in the movie Udala.

He embarks on a late night visit to see a native doctor as he searches for a solution. The fact that the chief asked certain questions when he visited the palace, as well as went for some consultations in a foreign land, convinces the king that he knows too much  and a move is made to eliminate him

In the second part of the movie Udala, the king banishes a maiden for the wrong reason.

He doesn’t give any real reasons for his action even when his wives. Actually, he defiled her and tries to marry her but the chief priest kicks against it. Then he sends her away from the community.

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Things take a twist when his son, the heir to the throne, comes forward and demands that she be called back into the community. He even goes as far as declaring his intention to marry her, a decision that shocks his father beyond word.

The movie is coloured with various shades of intrigue, suspense and betrayal. It is set in a typical Eastern locale and has all the whispers of a real life setting.

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