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How to guard your phone from viruses



Most people already know how essential it is to protect their computers from viruses, however many smartphone users are take a longer time in applying the right security for their hand-held gadgets.

Considering how much information is stored on mobile devices, it is important to take a few precautions towards safeguarding private information such as bank account numbers and emails. Jovago.com, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal highlights ways to protect your phone from viruses and other tech dangers.

Step 1

The first and most common step usually is to protect your smartphone with anti-virus software which you can purchase from your phone’s app store or download off the internet.

Step 2

Activate a PIN password, lock pattern or facial recognition lock on the device when it’s not in use. This way no one has access to your OS without your permission.

Step 3

Avoid suspicious websites when surfing the internet as viruses can be transmitted through malicious weblinks. Whenever you receive an email or text message with an unidentifiable link in it, delete the message without clicking on it, even if it comes from a friend, as it may rout you to a virus-infected website.

Step 4

Stick with downloading documents or apps from reliable sources only as applications from third-party webpages can expose your phone to risk.

Step 5

‘Jailbreaking’ is a term used when people intentionally modifying the settings of their device in ways that are outside the usage policies of the manufacturer. When this happens, the phone may lose its firewall settings and become prone to attack from viruses.

Step 6

Protect your data by encrypting the files stored on the phone as this shields files such as documents, contacts, calendars and email attachments from prying eyes. Encryption can also be carried out in an external memory card after the security measure is activated through the phone.

Jovago Tip

Another key tip for fishing out viruses is by checking your data usage for unusual charges every month. If you notice you are spending more on invisible apps you didn’t download, your phone may most likely have been hacked or hit with a virus.


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