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IK Ogbonna: Actor And Girlfriend Go On Charity Visit

IK Ogbonna and his girlfriend Sonia go charity visiting to primary school in Lagos.

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Ik Ogbonna and girlfriend go on charity visit to schoolsplay (LindaIkeji)

Ik Ogbonna and girlfriend go on charity visit to schools

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Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna and his Columbian girlfriend Sonia Moralez go out to a primary school in Lagos on a charity visit.

The celebrity couple was accompanied by singer Jay Aims to a school in Ikota, Lagos called Atmoyo school. The three of them donated exercise books, math-set, rulers, crayons, erasers, story books and calculators to pupils of the Atmoyo school as a way of giving to the society.

Ik Ogbonna shared a photo on Instagram and attached an inspirational caption.

“Knowledge is power .. If we support and encourage our children to go to school we would have a future … We ignore these children and we wld only play supporting roles in building future thieves , terrorists , and most of all growth wld be distant from us … A lot of ppl today are mislead coz they are fed with ill knowledge from the streets and people willing to use their ignorance to manipulate .. Let’s build our children … Let’s build out tomorrow”

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