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Kitchen organizing Tips You Must Know



How to manage your kitchen space and get rid of unnecessary objects, where to put pots and other utensils? Perhaps, every woman tries to answer these questions. Today we’ll show you how to make an order in your kitchen. Even if you have a huge kitchen with lots of cupboards and drawers, the necessity to bring an order to this special room arises from time to time. Cooking meals is the creative process, and the result depends on the convenience of kitchen space. We hope our tips will make the process of cleaning easier for you, so the desire to cook doesn’t disappear, and you will impress your loved ones with new culinary masterpieces. Also, it is really important where to buy kitchenware.

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Get rid of unnecessary objects

Organize your working place in the kitchen correctly and comfortably. To do this, clear all cupboards and drawers from unnecessary dishes. Kitchenware tends to accumulate. Leave only those plates, pots, cups and bowls you really need all the time.


Manufacturers often value our time, and therefore produce kitchen sets compactly. But you will have to organize the dishes and other kitchen items yourself.

Before you put everything in its place…

Before you put everything in its place, think about how often you use your toaster, pans, etc., and what dishes you often cook. Then examine the dimensions of your kitchen and decide what is the maximum it can accommodate, and after that it will be easier for you to decide what objects to hide and what to put in a conspicuous place.


Additional assistants

If you bring your shovels, colanders, skimmers, lids and pans out of cupboards and hang them on the rails, hanging or modular designs, you will save your time and broaden the space in the kitchen.



Use magnets for storing scissors and knives. This way you will have everything you need at your fingertips. You will easily get them at any time.

How many pots to leave?

A small family needs three pots. The biggest is for soups. The second will be useful for cooking porridge and garnishes. And the smallest one you will need for warming up or cooking different ingredients and eggs.

If a family has more than one child, then you will need more small and medium-sized pots with handles.





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