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Listen & learn: 15 surprising tips for satisfying sex

by Trina Remedios

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Sex can get boring if it is monotonous and you prolong it. Thirty-seven minutes is the approximate time needed for a sexual experience; if you spend hours trying to have sex, seek help.

It is important for a man and a woman to have a satisfying sexual experience. But sometimes, lack of foreplay and other factors during sex can leave either partner unsatisfied. To avoid an unsatisfying sexual experience, science and their studies on sex have listed out different sex tips , which promise to improve our sex lives. Today, we take a closer look at some of these tips.

Top four pressure points for female orgasm:

1) G-spot
2) Breasts and nipples
3) Opening of the Cervix
4) Clitoris


Water is not only necessary for healthy living, but it is also essential for sex. Water is needed for lubrication to prevent painful intercourse and to replenish the juices after ejaculation.


For men, foreplay does not involve a lot of touching, as men are easily aroused. Whereas, for women, foreplay is essential for reaching climax.


It is important to caress your partner during foreplay, remember to be gentle. You can begin with stimulating the clitoris and then slowly put two fingers into the vagina, while continuing to caress her.

Prostate cancer:

In a recent study, it is was revealed that men who frequently masturbate in their 20s and 30s are at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Contraceptive pills:

Contraceptive pills may provide you temporary relief from unplanned pregnancy, but they can have adverse effects later on. The pill can also douse your libido. So, during that time of the month, condoms are one of the safest choices during intercourse.

Smells like sex:

Men may not be aware but when men are aroused their sweat has a distinct smell. Next time you meet a guy, remember that his sweat is an indicator of his intentions, according to this study.

Condoms or withdrawal:

Unplanned pregnancy can give you sleepless nights. Some men claim that withdrawal is as good as a condom but some men suggest condoms and withdrawal can help you sleep peaceful at night. What’s your secret?

Female orgasm:

Men tend to focus on female orgasm, which may not always happen. On the contrary, focus on satisfying your partner, but do not drag out your sexual experience in a bid to prove to yourself that you can help your partner reach orgasm.

Sex positions:

There are certain sex positions that are pleasurable to both men and women. Find out which one suits your partner, for example, men prefer doggie style while women may prefer reverse cowgirl. Sex positions make a big difference to sexual pleasure and of course the experience.

Sex period:

Sex can get boring if it is monotonous and you prolong it. Thirty-seven minutes is the approximate time needed for a sexual experience; if you spend hours trying to have sex, seek help.

Mind blowing sex:

If your aim is to have mind blowing sex, forget it. Studies suggest that mind blowing sex can make you lose your memory and there is a medical term for it, transient global amnesia.

Sitting can excite women:

Who needs a man, when you can have a chair. Women can get aroused simply by sitting on a chair; women are ‘hardwired’ in such a way that the pudendal nerve on your posterior is linked to lady parts. To be more precise, when a woman sits in a particular way the nerve stimulates the clitoris, vagina and the anus.

Boost Creativity:

Getting creative in the bedroom can boost both the partner’s confidence levels and can give the woman an orgasm.

Female orgasm is a myth:

Female orgasm is not a myth, but you need to spend time learning about your partner’s erogenous zones. So, take your time to lubricate her well, before penetrating her.


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