#MenStyleTips: 5 bracelet styles every man can try

Men’s jewelry and accessories have seen a rise in recent years and it is obviously no longer a woman’s world where jewelry is concerned, especially with the understated bracelet. In order to wear the properly, we give you Men’s bracelet trends

Bracelets are most likely the best way to accentuate your outfit as a man, as there is such a variety to choose from wood to leather and metal. Every man can find something for themselves.

More and more, we see men in the recent years appreciate bracelets in their many forms. Also, there is more of an inclusion of bracelets in many more lookbooks and clothing campaigns. Thus, for the searching mind, here are 5 main bracelet styles:

Metal braceletsplay

Metal bracelets



Nautical braceletplay

Nautical bracelet



  • Nautical style: This is the most stable of all the styles, because it is here year in, year out. This style has been used for different types of fastening, including rope and cabling, motifs and emblem details.

Beaded braceletplay

Beaded bracelet



  • Beaded style: This style is the most popular of them all. From wooden beads to crystal versions and plastic styles, this style is versatile and has something for everyone. You can also layer them in various ways for unique styles. They can also work for a variety of looks.

Leather braceletplay

Leather bracelet



  • Leather style: This is the most traditional in that most men already wear watches with leather straps, so it works for those just easing their way in. It also tends to look masculine and formal. Unlike the metal pieces, leather can be worn against your watch.

  • Woven style: This is another versatile and popular style.  Usually, they are found in leather. They pop on outfits, as they come in a range of bright colors and cheap too. They can also be paired with various other styles to create a unique look. It can also be worn by men from all walks of life.

Which of the different styles is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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