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Morning Teaser: ‘Should I tell my aunt that her husband is sleeping with my friend?”

Morning Teaser‘Should I tell my aunt that her husband is sleeping with my friend?”

Would you tell your aunt her husband is sleeping with your close friend?

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Should Dubem tell her aunt her husband is cheating?play

Should Dubem tell her aunt her husband is cheating?

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“Dear Pulse,

My name is Dubem and I currently live with my mother’s sister in Abuja while waiting for my call up letter to proceed on youth service.

My aunt has been so nice to me and treats me like her blood daughter but I feel guilty because her husband is playing the field and it gives me cause for concern.

My aunt loves her husband so much and she can’t keep talking about him and can even defend any allegation against him with her life but little does she know that he is actually cheating on her with reckless abandon. I never knew uncle is such a serial cheater until I ran into him in my friend’s apartment in Kubwa.

That day, I had gone to visit Anita, a former school mate after she had disturbed me so much to come and meet her new man.

So I was surprised when it was my uncle who told us at home he was traveling to Port Harcourt and his wife had actually driven him to the airport a day earlier.

When he saw me, he was surprised but he played it cool and I also pretended I did not know him.

My friend told me he was the one who rented the apartment for her, bought her a car and placed her on a monthly allowance.

She was all over him that day and I felt so embarrassed I had to leave immediately.

When he came back, he did everything to appease me, begging me not to tell his wife. I gave him a condition that he should break off the relationship with Anita but he has continued with it and only two weeks ago, Anita told me she is pregnant for him and she has no intentions of aborting.

Now my problem is that I feel guilty not telling my aunt on time and knowing Anita, no one would be able to convince her to abort.

What do I do?



Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, we ask: would you tell your aunt that her husband is sleeping with your friend?

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