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My new film “Uwar Gulma” will be a hit – Halima Ateteh

Premium Times speaks with Kannywood’s Halima Ateteh.

Halima Ateteh is a known face in Kannywood for her ability to fit in to any role that requires mischief and jealousy.

As lead actress, she played a remarkable role in Dakin Amarya, one of the most celebrated Hausa film so far in the year 2014.

An indigene of Borno State, Halima Ateteh joined Kannywood in early 2000 and has become an authority in the industry.

She spoke with PREMIUM TIMES recently.

PT: Why is Dakin Amarya the most difficult of all the movies you have acted?

Ateteh: It was an action film and I was the lead actress, full of jealousy who does not want to live with another woman in the same house as my husband’s second wife.

So I was running around all through the movie causing one problem or the other. You can imagine the energy that will be required.

PT: What would you say of Aisha Aliyu who happens to be the other wife your husband married in the film?

Ateteh: She was a character and she did very well too in the film. We were indeed a combination to watch in the film. She was also very crazy like me in the film. I love the combination.

PT: Would you want to act the same kind of film if any producer call upon you?

Ateteh: Yes, I will any time because that is my career. I have acted so many other difficult movies but not as difficult and demanding like the movie “Dakin Amarya” 1 to 4.

PT: What would you say of Ali Nuhu in that film?

Ateteh: He was indeed our husband in the film, and as you know he is a great actor he did great and I mean very well in the film. He was instrumental in acting successes.

PT: What do you think of the Kannywood Hausa Film Industry at the moment?

Ateteh: Kannywood is indeed improving by the day. The quality of movies being produced now from the stable of the Kannywood can be compared with international films we watch on satellite. There is great development in the industry now especially in terms of equipment.

PT: Apart from acting, what other thing does Ateteh do?

Ateteh: I produce movies, in fact right now I am recording one of my own personal film produced by me “Uwar Gulma” meaning “mother of gossips”.

PT: What is “Uwar Gulma” about?

Ateteh: “Uwar Gulma” is a film that I carefully produced and let me tell you that it will be a film of this present time.

I have paraded classic actors like the multiple award winner Ali Nuhu, Yakubu Mohammed and a host of others. No doubt about it the film will surely be a blockbuster when it is finally out.

It is about a woman who specializes in gossips and back biting. It was a disaster and it is going to teach good lesson to people who does that.

PT: Why this confidence about “Uwar Gulma”?

Ateteh: Although it is not my first film to ever produce film but I know the people acting in it, the equipment I used and the production crew is just a complete one. We are having a good production and it is a carefully organized production.

PT: Don’t you think there are films that are also well produced better than “Uwar Gulma” even though it is not yet out to compare?

Ateteh: Yes like I said Kannywood movies are well produced now but I know this film “Uwar Gulma” will be a class. I know what I am talking about, just wait and see.

PT: Who is the Kannywood actor you like watching mostly?

Ateteh: Comedian Mustapha Naburaska. I don’t get tired of watching films he acts.

PT: What would you say is one thing you like most in Kannywood?

Ateteh: The improvement we are experiencing in quality of production now and how we are living like one family.

PT: How do you see the Kannywood in years to come?

Ateteh: One big home of entertainment.

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