1) Keep Yourself Hydrated

It is usually conceived that hard-working and successful people go sleepless, but that is not true. An erratic sleep cycle can lead to agonizing mood swings, altered productivity at work and paucity of concentration. A proper sleeping pattern can bring about positive changes in your routine life, but sleeping more than required will lead to fatigue and laziness. So as per the doctors say – try napping for 8 hours at most or else minimum for 6 hours to assure good health.


From time and again doctors have emphasized on the importance of hydration for the proper functioning of our body. Make it a point to drink water right when you wake up in the morning and keep at it throughout the day like it’s your job. Water not only sets the tone for our bowel motions, but it also keeps the toxin levels in our blood under a strict surveillance. Plus, it makes us urinate more than often which is again very essential for the proper functioning of kidneys.2) Get Adequate Sleep

If you just can’t have enough of doing the dirty, worry not as even the health experts suggest to have lots of sex for a healthy life. Regular sex sessions can help you feel confident, younger and revitalized. It has also a known stress buster and keeps mood swings away.

A healthy gut makes a healthy body. Keep a track of what all you have been eating and how well it is being assimilated by your intestines. If you have been experiencing repeated constipation or acidity, it’s about time to check with a doctor. Not every thing that’s available out there to eat does justice with our digestive system. Maida flour, ice cream, citrus drinks and fried food might sleaze your tongue but can wreak havoc on the digestive system. Instead, go for a fiber and protein rich diet.

3) Keep A Check On Your Digestion

Skin is one thing that faces a lot of issues. From cuts and bruises to burns and winter dry chapping, skin has to endure a lot. Make it a point to moisturize your skin well in all weathers. It is also a myth that you don’t require sunscreen in winters but the truth is – sunscreen shields our skin from excessive sunlight which can be damaging otherwise. Foods like pomegranate, yogurt and walnut can work wonders for skin.

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5) Never Say Never To Sex

4) Hydrate Your Skin

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