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Opinion: Femi Fani Kayode’s APC ‘exit’ is good riddance to bad rubbish

by Lanre Oguntoyinbo


I wish you goodluck in you new found ‘darkness’ club and I pray you and Doyin Okupe give a good defence to a good leader; Goodluck Jonathan.

One sunny afternoon I received a call from a senior colleaque who happens to be a friend like a brother Ojomu Taiwo, he was like; “Lanre, do you know that Femi Fani-Kayode had a meeting with Jonathan at Aso Villa” and I was like “Are you serious? Thank God”. I then told him many like FFK are in APC and they’ll leave APC as times goes on, to me that of Femi Fani-Kayode is good riddance to bad rubbish.

I have never liked the person of Femi Fani-Kayode, our spirit just don’t go together, I have always dislike him as a person, I believe he’s fake, and a talkative looking for relevance. I did tweeted at him sometimes last year telling him I’m not convince he’s who he’s claiming he was, that day he blocked me. I just believe FFK is a Snitch, yeah you heard me right a Snitch sent by the ruling party to check and report the activities of the opposition party.

Accessing the reason for his purported return to PDP, the issue is, was he ever a member of APC? Can he produce his APC membership card or slip? He just posted on facebook that he has joined the Progressive party, that he already left darkeness and he’s now with APC, he wrote before then that he was chilling at the pool side in the home of APC’s National Leader Bola Tinubu who reside in Bourdilon, Ikoyi.

It’s imperative you note that inner caucus members of APC who visited Bourdilon don’t seat at Pool Side, they go upstairs, the core ones like Atiku, Buhari, Fashola, Elrufai, Ribadu, Aregbesola to mention few go inside Asiwaju’s bedroom, none seat at Pool Side, so the question is who and who discussed with Otunba Fani-Kayode that APC will be presenting a Muslim/Muslim ticket for 2015? Otunba FFK has never attended any APC’s National Meetings, he’s not a principle officer of the party.

APC never had that discussion, nobody in APC is even thinking of religion as one of the tools in choosing their flag bearer, what they have been thinking of is the intellectual might and antecedents of candidates. They are not thinking of the religion of the candidate, but they are thinking of that candidate that can push for reforms, positive reforms that will move Nigeria ahead.

When the issue of Muslim/Muslim ticket came up, I swiftly put calls through some prominent National Officers of APC who confirmed that nobody has come up with Presidential ambition apart from Sam Nda-Isiah and ofcos they know people like Atiku and Buhari have ambition but they are yet to discuss such with any officer of the party, all they’ve been discussing now is the congresses of the party and how to solve some issues arising in some troubled states. So the issue of APC fielding a muslim as it candidate never came up in any of their National or Caucus meeting.

The truth is there’s nobody thinking religion anywhere in APC, I’ll support a Muslim/Muslim or Christian/Christian ticket that will bring development  to my country, that’ll fight insurgency to bring peace to my fatherland. I’ll support that candidate that will fix the lingering power issues, that will develop Nigeria’s infrastructure, provide free and modern health care,promote peace and coexistence amongst Nigeria. Not a candidate chosen from the basis of religion that’ll maintain status qou of corruption driven society and promote underdevelopment.

Though, I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing this article had Otunba Femi not use religion as an excuse for his exit, because he’s a political liability to APC(in my opinion). What’s FFK’s political strength? Even his home state of Osun State, what political impact does he have?

I was looking back at his antecedents when he was in Government, the only good think I remembered he did was shouting at Virgin Nigeria’s top shot for dropping Nigerians bags at Hearthrow Airport UK, apart from that nothing meaningful  and significant. He can surely prove me wrong.

I’m celebrating his exist from APC, tho he has sent messages round that he’s still APC member, but the popular Social Media Radar in Nigeria already revealed that he has been appointed as Director of Mobilising and Strategy for Goodluck Jonathan 2015, that’s a good position he can’t get in APC so why still staying back? Sir please go, you are a political burden on us just like some people are, but for political principles of game of numbers, they can’t send you away. Learn from Elrufai, ask Tunde Fashola questions these are technocrats who have had and still having positive impacts in the development of Nigeria.

I wish you goodluck in you new found ‘darkness’ club and I pray you and Doyin Okupe give a good defence to a good leader; Goodluck Jonathan.

Please don’t bring your religion here, we Nigerian youths are more enlightened now. Farewell Uncles Kay. I’ll always respect you, you are a good orator and as a Yoruba boy, I must respect you as my elder, Otunba we wish you well, but do not do with Propaganda and religion bigotry. If we have a problem in this country that’s the major one and if you join in promoting that, we’ll tag you deep.


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