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Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say getting pregnant before marriage is bad

Pulse Nigeria PollReaders say getting pregnant before marriage is bad

76% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters agree that pre-marital sex is bad.

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A Pulse reader by the name Njideka, sent in this letter asking for advice on what to do as her fiance and his family insists on her getting pregnant before their marriage but her own parents who are staunch Christians would not have that.

Part of her letter reads:

“My name is Njideka, a 28-year-old lady from the eastern part of the country. I am in love with a Yoruba man and we are planning to get married early next year but the dilemma I am facing is that his parents, especially his mother, insist I must get pregnant before their son can marry me as that will be a test of my ability to have children.

But my father who is Pastor and apart from that, believes that a woman must be married before having children.

Funny enough, Segun seems to go with what his parents have decreed and in the past few weeks, he has been making some insinuations that seem to suggest he may back out.”

Pulse Nigeria Poll poser for Njideka’s request was this:

Do you support pregnancy before marriage?

How Nigeria voted:

24% – Yes, it shows the couple are fertile

76% – No, premarital sex is wrong

How would you vote?

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