REPORT: Saudi Arabian Embassy releases statement claiming plane that broke down on Abuja airport runway was carrying bulletproof cars

The breakdown of the plane at about 9.19 pm right on the runway had caused the airport to shut for more than 20 hours and no real explanation was given, well until now.

New reports have revealed that the plane incident which occurred at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport on December 4 involving a Saudi Arabian plane was carrying 5 set of bulletproof cars  weighing 58 tonnes and another set of five bullet proof cars weighing 42 tonnes.

“The goods were a portion of a supply contract for 10 bullet-proof  cars to a government agency in Nigeria, which were to be conveyed from  Sharjah (UAE) via Abuja, through Fast Forward Cargo US UAC, to Defence  Industries of Nigeria (DICON), 45 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, through the  company’s contact person: Mr Nwajpudu Livinston/CCC. The goods were  manufactured in South Africa.”

by Rachel Ogbu


According to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in a press release:

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