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Season Of Freshness

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

By Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Friends and folks out there, I welcome you to the second half of the year 2014. The Ramadan fast is here again and I’m sure by the time it ends, the blessings and goodness that comes with this season shall be our portion as individuals, a state and as a nation.

Periodic fasting improves overall health because those periods when you are not fuelling up are times when the body gets to detoxify.

To improve overall health and figure, healthy options  and  choices when practiced, will go on to become a permanent lifestyle.

If you can try to abide by the food  and exercise that make for life and vitality and also plan well ahead for each meal, you will not go wrong. You  can only benefit by everyone in the family becoming healthier and reducing the risks of some diseases.

It is important to include a wide variety of foods so you will stick to your diet and not get bored. You don’t have to cut out carbs, your body needs a certain amount to stay strong and healthy.

Once you get into the habit of eating food that is good for you and helps you burn calories rather than pile them on, you will feel better all over. And you will soon realize, it is not as difficult as you thought it would be.

 For example a hearty fish and vegetable soup will fill you up for hours. If you make it yourself, without artificial flavours or preservatives, it is a very healthy and satisfying meal.

Half a bowl of soup contains a full serving of vegetables. Have a slice of whole grain bread or wheat meal on the side, and you have a complete balanced meal that tastes great. You  know, those who like iyan, eba,amala, etc, try adding wheat to the list  is a great alternative.


To improve your energy, health and fat management this season you need to address the essentials. After reading this piece, you will  have the opportunity to evaluate yourself.


Second only to air, your body must have a constant supply of water  to survive. Your body doesn’t  sweat soft drink or iced tea; It sweats water and electrolyte. It needs water to perform all it’s bodily functions, and when  you drink enough it resort to handling only the most essential functions first…… and that is not metabolizing excess fat! Try to drink at least eight to ten cups of water a day. If you wait to drink it until you are thirsty, you are already a quart low (four cups). If you want to look younger, have more energy and live longer, have more energy and live longer, drink pure, fresh water all day long.


Fiber-rich fruits, vegetables , whole grains, beans, legumes, seeds and nuts  are packed with  phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber. All three help fight cancer, provide anti-aging protection, and more. Mom was right to encourage you to eat more of these foods. And if you are a mother, how are your kids doing ? The old recommendation to have seven to nine fruits and vegetable serving today is still great advice. When was the last time you even came close? It’s tough even on a good day.

Study after study shows increasing evidence  that this area of nutrition will have the most profound  long-term effect  on our health and vitality. Supplements can not completely fill in the gaps left from not eating  enough whole foods. The fibre in plants has an incredible balancing effect  on blood sugar and the entire digestive system. Your foods should have enough whole grains to be considered food. Most  refined packaged foods enter the body  and are pretty much turned to sugar and paste within minutes of ingestion. Wonder why you feel sluggish?


Protein is essential  for tissue repair, maintenance and growth of muscles blood hormones,    enzymes and antibodies. You should always  eat some protein with breakfast and lunch, because  protein digests  very slowly,  stabilizes your blood sugar, and makes you feel satiated longer. However more is not always better. Too much protein can over-tax your body, particularly  wreaking havoc on your kidneys. There is absolutely no healthful evidence to validate the outrageous propensity towards high protein diets.

Try to get at least twelve to fourteen grams of protein at both breakfast and lunch.


Choosing the right fats and understanding their benefits and draw backs will help you dramatically in your weight management efforts. Keeping the right  amount of healthy fat in your diet will leave you feeling  satiated longer than a non-fat meal. Rather than just eat  any kind  of fat, go for fat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that have a crucial impact on our health .

This essential  fat dramatically impacts brain function and cardiac health and have been linked to positive protection from Alzheimer’s disease.

For now try to reduce the saturated (animal and dairy) fats as much as possible. The total fat  in your diet  should range between 15 to 30 per cent, so stay on the lower until you reach your ideal size. Olive oil and Canola oil  are always good choices for cooking  or try add Omega-3 fat to your diet by eating, cold water fish like salmon, tuna, croaker, tilapia at least two times per week. Walnuts and flaxseed are also very high in Omega-3 fat.


Vitamins and minerals are nutrients  that occur naturally in foods and essential for health yet  provide no calories . Antioxidants are specific group of nutrients that form an army to capture the metabolic waste products called free radicals and transport them out of the body before they can damage the cells. All these micronutrients act like spark plugs, working to help the body do it’s various functions  effectively. They also help us more effectively utilize our food as fuel and prevent nutritional deficiencies.

God provided all the nutrient we need in natural foods. The problem is that we  don’t eat the amount  and variety of whole foods necessary to meet all of our nutritional needs. Also our natural food sources are corrupted with depleted soil, polluted water and chemical agents like pesticides. Today it is important to take Vitamins as an insurance policy. However they do not take the place of healthy eating. New spark plugs will not  make your car  run better  if you forget to  put gasoline in your car. And vitamins without good food are of little value.


Vitamin S —better known as  Sleep— is another frequently neglected  “nutrient” that play  a much more important role in our health than people have previously realized.

And Vitamin  X, better known as Exercise, is essential for maintaining high energy, low body fat and overall health and . Okay, Okay……… I know neither are technically nutrients. But if these two life style factors are not a high priority, even perfect nutrition will not bring you health , vitality and the fast burning metabolism you desire.

Sleep is the time when you get both physical and psychological  rest . During deep sleep, your body accomplishes it’s most important cellular renewal. Even modest amount  of sleep deprivation can diminish your immune system and ability to cope  with the daily challenges of life. If you want to look younger, feel better and live longer, get enough sleep. You need close to eight hours of sleep every night.

Exercise is an incredible energizer. The more you move the better you feel. Feeling good motivates you to stay active  and activity tends to distract you from sedentary habits  that include eating. Get a positive cycle and get a good dose  of vitamin X everyday!

Finally, it has been proven that diets, which significantly restrict your caloric intake can cause loss of lean muscle mass. Strength training during exercise  helps maintain  your lean muscle mass while you lose fat, it is excellent for toning and shaping the body  and preventing injuries. It also helps the following conditions: Osteophorosis, arthritis, obesity, aging, hypertension and high cholesterol.  However if you are fasting, a light activity like 15 minutes walk will help in blood circulation.

Finally, Try to divide your plate into four sections in your mind. One four protein, carbs, vegetables and fruits. Also ensure you drink a lot of water.

For questions, lets connect @ www.facebook.com/BodyConfidenceFitnessClub

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