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Sex, Men, Women: 8 unbelievable sex toys people actually use

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When you think you’ve seen it all, they manufacture something new that leaves your mouth agape…

Just like in the other aspects of life where inventors and manufacturers are making item after item, those in the sex industry are as ingenious and dedicated.

Strap-on dildoplay

Strap-on dildo

(Love Honey)


They design new, beautiful of handy sex equipment every day.

Today, we bring you eight of them…

CHASTITY COCK CAGE: Just as the name implies, this bad boy toy is meant to be used to lock the penis. It is designed such that the man can pee without removing it. Once the cage is locked, only the person with the key can open it. It also prevents the man from masturbating.

Chastity Cock Cageplay

Chastity Cock Cage



TONGUE VIBRATOR: Now, imagine a vibrator that is as natural as a human tongue…that is what the tongue vibrator gives, a sweet licking motion delivered in an endless and tireless rhythm that can do wonders for the vagina.

Tongue Vibratorplay

Tongue Vibrator



JIMMYJANE FORM 6: this toy has motors on each end which are controlled separately. Now, the curved end can be used for G-spot or clitoris stimulation while the wider end is for those who prefer a sense of fullness.


PLEASURE PERISCOPE: Like a periscope, this toy lets you see where the ordinary eyes cannot see… inside the vagina. It is simply a vibrator fitted with a viewer window and inside light which will let you self-examine as you self-stimulate yourself.


TROJAN VIBRATING MULTI-THRILL 3 IN 1 VIBRATING BULLET: this bad boy has textured end—grooves, studs, or ripples which provide a unique vibrating sensation for external play. It can be used by men and women for self-stimulation or on a partner.

Trojan Vibrating Multi-Thrill 3 in 1 Vibrating Bulletplay

Trojan Vibrating Multi-Thrill 3 in 1 Vibrating Bullet



ADAM & EVE SILICONE DIAMOND G: this toy features rhinestones at the bottom which make the G-spot stimulator very fancy. It gives a good grip that a clumsy partner may find useful.


BABY JESUS BUTT PLUG: some people may call this blasphemy because it is a butt plug that is shaped like a baby Jesus. People insert it into the anus.


CALEXOTICS BENDIES STUD BALLSY: this is a flexible vibrator that can be bent into any position. Its jelly shaft is realistically shaped and textured.

CalExotics Bendies Stud Ballsyplay

CalExotics Bendies Stud Ballsy



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