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Soyombo Ayomikun: Dear gay hater, who made you God? (Poetry)

If openly we tag innocent souls ‘outcasts’

To be thrown behind bars for years

They disappeared one after the other

This beautiful family we are will never find joy

#Sad Nigeria decided to plunge

With which to pierce our already blackened hearts

With which to rip out our guts

That no human is indeed better than the other

Trembling, the woman found redemption

Colleague needing a warm embrace

To Him was brought a woman caught in adultery

We all are beings seeking to feed & be fed with love

By exaggerated hypocritical displays of attempts at saving the world

As they haven’t hurt you nor drawn blood from your veins

Religion is sacred, culture sweet

A friend seeking to be loved

Embracing a religion that loads them with joy

From her fountain of pleasure she was dragged by a crowd

A very great man lived

But the convictions of others shouldn’t be suffocated

A belief that transforms their worlds into one gayly colourful

A cousin desiring to be smiled at

Against hearts choosing tenets by which to stand


#Once upon a time

If a gay smiles at you smile back

Soyombo  Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

A cousin desiring to be smiled at

We are born to live & let others likewise live

#The crowd sublimed like smoke

Not a soul to be convicted as a killer

 Op-ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija.

Gay, straight or even the saintly Pope

In eyes that chose not to condemn

The gay is a brother seeking to be heard

Into gray murky waters of discrimination

Colleague needing a warm embrace

To the great man for judgement, then subsequent stoning

Thought to be the wisest of all times

Gay, straight, or even the saintly Pope

Time to tear our aprons of condemnation

Don’t frown like you’re heaven’s agent sent to destroy the ailing

The gay is a brother seeking to be heard

#It’s time our false saintly display met its death

by Soyombo Ayomikun

Then said ‘he who hath no sin should cast the first stone’


On reaching the great man, He bent & scribbled on the sand

Screaming as she enjoyed what some tagged ‘sin’

#The gay has not come with arrows of death

Without an intention of harming another

Into dark crevices to go kiss their sins a little more

Eyes that made her realize

Neither has the gay come with bullets

Refute laws establishing their incarceration

A friend seeking to be loved

From the tip of a quenched matchstick previously aflame

I think I should even ask; ‘Who made you God?’

The wildest thinker of all generations

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