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  • SNAPSHOT: This is Genevieve Nnaji’s classy ‘turn up’ look

    by Tutu Akinlabi “Turning up” is a relatively new slang for partying and like many other things, Genevieve Nnaji does it with style. The actress shared this TGIF photo of herself via Instagram and she looked quite smashing. She said: #PreTurnUpPhoto#WhileIstillLookSane#NoPostTurnUpSorry Post From Ynaija

  • Ladies, meet Jeremy Meeks the SEXIEST criminal alive (LOOK)

    by Zara Mustapha 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks was hauled by the police in a gang sweep and has been sweeping the hearts of ladies around the world on social media as a result of his undeniable good looks. Ice blue-eyes and strong-jaw of Jeremy Meeks has been plastered across Twitter as […] Post From Ynaija

  • Boy stabs 17-year-old friend to death for raping his sister

    by ‘Jola Sotubo A friendship in Lagos has ended in the death of one party at the hands of the other after a teenager killed his friend for allegedly raping his sister. Isaac Usim, whose age wasn’t specified is said to have taken the life of one Kehinde by stabbing […] Post From Ynaija