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  • Tunde Leye: A tale of two Caliphates (Y! FrontPage)

    by Tunde Leye   It must be seen that apart from the issues of governance, poverty and politics in the region, there is an underlying clash of two caliphates – the older, less dominant but dogged Bornu Caliphate of the Kanuri and the newer, Sokoto Caliphate of the Fulani.  The […] Post From Ynaija

  • 7 things that guys do that confuse women

    by Holly Riordan When your crush tells you how beautiful you look, it’s hard not to smile. But if he compliments other girls as well, it’ll make you wonder if he likes you or them. He might be interested in every girl that crosses his path, or he might just […] Post From Ynaija

  • 5 money mistakes wives need to STOP making now

    by Sasha Brown-Worsham This seems crazy to me, but some women don’t know how much their man makes. This should NOT be a secret. These are joint budget decisions and both partners should be aware of how much there is available to spend. 1. Letting him handle all the bills: Take a […] Post From Ynaija