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  • 7 crazy things that happen while you sleep

    by Paige Fowler       You start to wake up in the morning and realize you can’t move a muscle or speak. It can last from several seconds to several minutes, and it’s completely terrifying.    Most nights, if you’re lucky, sleep is a completely unremarkable event. But every […] Post From Ynaija

  • Sad news: Gunmen kill family of four in Plateau

    by Zara Mustapha In an early morning raid by gunmen in Plateau State on Wednesday, four members of the same family have been killed violently. According to reports, the attack occurred in  Wat village near Kuru in Jos South Local Government area and is coming about a week after a twin […] Post From Ynaija

  • True or false? 16 girly things guys (absolutely) love to do

    by Alex Rees I make high pitched noises and lose control over my body when presented with tiny kittens. Safe in the anonymous wilds that are the Internet, Reddit users have this week been confessing their “really girly” habits. #noshame. The topic specifies predilections guys would “never admit to” — […] Post From Ynaija

  • #NISstampede: Abba Moro tenders unreserved apology, pleads for forgiveness

    by ‘Jola Sotubo Following the improperly conducted Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment exercise which resulted in the deaths of job seekers nationwide, the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, has issued a full and unreserved apology. Mr. Moro has taken full responsibility for the tragic incident, which claimed 16 lives, and he […] Post From Ynaija

  • 10 things science teaches us about being sexy as hell

    by Eric Baker It takes 13 milliseconds to determine if someone is hot, so what can you do to make sure you’re looking good during that critical first impression? 1. As a general rule, smiling makes you more attractive. That said, ladies, smile. Guys…well, think twice. Want to improve your smile? Smile slower. 2. Beauty sleep? […] Post From Ynaija

  • Did you know? 7 deadly sins of dating

    by Sarah Harrison Men are not all the same—being burned in the past doesn’t mean it will happen again in the future. You need to learn trust again—without trust you can’t have a successful relationship. It might require therapy, but it’s worth it.  1. Pride: You’re too good for him. […] Post From Ynaija