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  • Born Again Vehicles, Burn Again Drivers

    By Tayo Ogunbiyi They are common sights on major roads across the country. They are vehicles with divine messages of hope, faith, righteousness, piety, patience, love and fairness. The messages are printed in such colourful and attractive fashion that easily attracts curious attention. At first, the general presumption at the sight of such vehicles is […] Post from PM News

  • Love Needs Perseverance

    By Aidy Thomas The experience of loving and being loved is something everyone looks forward to. But as interesting as it may sound or feel, the real deal of keeping a meaningful love relationship can be tough and nothing close to the butterflies and goose bumps that flood its initial phase. Even when you are […] Post from PM News

  • Hannatu Musawa: APC should come to equity with clean hands

    by Hannatu Musawa As the APC embarks on its congress this weekend (13th-14th June 2014), and begins the journey that will determine its future, one can bet that all eyes will be on its internal conduct. As a student studying law, I was always very fascinated with the legal maxims […] Post From Ynaija

  • Ebenezer Obadare: Festus Odimegwu and the military question

    by Ebenezer Obadare Yet, while Mr. Odimegwu’s diagnosis of the Nigerian crisis is unimpeachable, it is what he proposes as remedy that I find deeply troubling. Like most watchers of Nigeria’s continued struggles, Mr. Odimegwu is frustrated at the apparent derailment of the democratic system. Once you set aside the […] Post From Ynaija