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  • Opinion: We are Nigerians and we are not terrorists

    by Afolayan Daniel How dare anyone call us terrorists?… America should know that lots of questions should be raised. What’s the genesis of terrorism in Nigeria? Who should be held responsible? Finally and unfortunately,Nigeria is now being mentioned in the same wavelength as war torn countries such as Iraq, Syria, […] Post From Ynaija

  • Opinion: Nigeria – Dancing to the rhythm of war drums

    by Sunday Ogidigbo We must remind ourselves that we are one people under God, under one flag with a common destiny. An ancient poet once said “God that made the world and all things therein, made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of […] Post From Ynaija

  • Opinion: Like Jonathan, Abraham Lincoln was also called a drunk tyrant

    by Fortune God’sSon Alfred Like GEJ many manufactured problems (including a War on Boko Haram Terrorism) Lincoln had his Civil War to worry about. His entire Political destiny relied on it. Opposition to the war, to the administration’s policies, and to Lincoln waxed and waned, depending on how well—or poorly—the […] Post From Ynaija

  • Yay or Nay? Would you rock this three-breasted shirt (LOOK)

    by Zara Mustapha Rumer Willis, daughter of Hollywood superstars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore wore a shirt which had woman with three breasts printed on it at a topless rally in Los Angeles, USA. Rumer pulled the confident number where most people would have thought twice before wearing the shirt […] Post From Ynaija

  • 10 things women don’t know about men and sex

    by DateRate     To keep a man attracted to you, play hard-to-get. This may sound like standard relationship advice but in reality women misunderstand how to play hard-to-get. If a man asks you out and you try to avoid committing to a date, you will only frustrate him and cause […] Post From Ynaija

  • 5 ways to tell if you’re ready to have sex with him

    by SheKnows     Is he the one? You’re sure of it? You’re going to marry him? You two will live happily ever after? Then there’s no other reason not to make love. But wait, make sure he feels the same way.   If you’re over your last boyfriend Girl, […] Post From Ynaija