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This man claims he had sex with 90 women in one month (PICTURED)

by Zara Mustapha

sex addict

Winston Bennett had a wonderful and promising career as a basketball player. He was a well respected basketball star at the University of Kentucky, had a go at the NBA to live a life of riches but he ruined it because of a weakness he couldn’t handle.

Bennett was unable to control his urge for women and it became so bad and so big that instead of making headlines for his superb skills, he rather made the front pages for destroying his marriage by sleeping with 90 women a month.

The former basketball star who thought he was doing the norm at that time, has had more partners in two weeks than most people would have in their entire lives and was very lucky to have come out of it without diseases.

All Christian News reports:

In this video, Bennett says that he didn’t think he was doing anything out of the norm at the time.  His addiction started in high school.  He grew up in a Christian home, but this didn’t stop his appetite for things that would put his life in jeopardy.  Bennett says that his quest for physical affection filled a need “that I deeply desired,” though he doesn’t exactly explain what that need actually is.

In this video on The 700 Club, Bennett says that whatever he was seeking by sleeping with nearly every woman he met wasn’t fulfilled by his activities.  Actually, it only made his life that much more of a nightmare.

Bennett says that when he was a basketball star at The University of Kentucky, he got all of the attention he wanted from women.  ”Once I reached college, then it really went to a whole new level,” he said.

Bennett says that he felt that he was “on a concert stage,” and enjoyed the experience.  But he also says that the thrill eventually wore off, since he felt tremendous guilt and shame for his addictions.   He thought that marriage would bring an end to his addiction, so he married Peggy, a church girl from his hometown.  But within just a few days of their being married, Winston says that he slept with a maid in his hotel after knowing her for just a few minutes.

The cheating continued all throughout their marriage.

The video is below and very interesting.  It also shows that getting everything you want may seem nice, but it could be the opening for a corrupt soul.  Do you think it’s good to marry professional athletes who are exposed to so much temptation?

Watch video below:

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