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Top trendy Apps for Dog Owners in Nigeria



It sounds cliché; however, there is no denying the fact that a dog is a man’s best friend. While dogs are faithful, cute and fun to live with, owning them can be a huge responsibility.  From feeding them to grooming them, giving them the attention they need and caring for their health, there are a lot of challenges attached to the joys guiding our furry friends.


Luckily, there are lists of apps that help make the task easier to handle and much more fun, and Jovago.com, Africa’s no. 1 online hotel booking site has scoured the Android app store, Google Play, for the very best apps for the tech-savvy dog owner.


Ever wondered what a dog is actually saying when it barks “woof woof”? You may not need to wonder anymore with the Dog translator.

The app, a free novelty app for iOS, lets you communicate with your dog by creating opportunities for you to record your dog’s barks and other noises, and then get a translation. While the translation may not accurately reflect your dog’s emotions at all time,it certainly serves as form entertainment and guarantees a good laugh.


While some people are occupied obsessing over their weight, there are a few others who are more concerned about their dog’s weight. It may sound unbelievable, but like humans, dogs can be overweight as well.


The good thing about overweight dogs is that they do not not need to worry about keeping to their diet regimen as their owners do that for them. The fat dog diet is an app that helps these overweight dog owners monitor their pet’s weight by acting as a digital food log for your dog. Once the owner has set weight loss goals for the dog the app keeps target numbers like food quantities and exercise routines times, so the owner can help their furry friends safely shed the extra fat.



This is an excellent app for dog owners who love to take selfies with their dogs. Dogs are usually the worst when it comes to taking pictures as they usually fidgety and rarely ever focus on the camera.


The Barkcam app counters this challenge by allowing owners to choose a sound that will get their dog’s attention long enough to snap a great photo. It also adds filters, fun stickers, quotes, or meme text to the image and user can share directly with friends from the app.


A dog owner’s worst nightmare is usually the losing the dog. Dogs are very active creatures and sometimes either out of negligence or accident, owners lose track of them. This is usually a very stressful experience for the owner, especially if the dog has no proper identification or does not know how to trace its way back home.

TAGG is an app developed to solve that problem. The app is basically a GPS attachment with a lot of marvelous features for the dog’s collar. It tracks the dog’s activities and sends an alert to the owner is it senses the dog has exceeded its boundaries. It also has the advantage of measuring the dog’s movements, that way the owner can monitor the dog to know if it is getting enough exercise.



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