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Want to rev it up in the bedroom? 15 kinkiest sex ideas you may want to try

by Gossip Queen

black-couple happy in bed

Make the night all about him and do whatever he says. Make sure you get him his happy endings a lot of times and he will love you for it.

Men love it when women are responsive and enthusiastic in bed. We say, be a woman who is ready to experiment and try out new things between the sheets every now and then. Although you may have to go out of your comfort zone to try out these kinky tips, but trust us, it will be truly worthwhile! Also know that with time these experiences will only add to your arousal. Read on to know the kinkiest sex ideas ever.

Get spanked:

Ask your man to take you down on his knee and spank your bottom. They love to do that! Make sounds of lust and passion as he continues and arouse him.

Let him tie you up:

Let him tie you up nice and good to the bed and have his way with you. He might do things which will arouse you to no extent and some which don’t get your ball rolling, but you will know what your man likes to do in bed.

Watch porn:

Not every woman can watch porn. But challenge yourself to watch porn with him. Do the moves and see how he enjoys them. You will actually feel like a dirty, dirty girl.

Film it:

Nothing is a bigger turn on than filming your lovemaking session. But, make sure that the one you do it with, is someone you can trust. The tape will make for some kinky memories as well.

Role play:

No not the same ole, same ole role play. We are talking dominatrix or a sex goddess. The sexy nurse or the naughty maid is done to death. So get out your whip ready and be ready for a night of amazing intercourse

Go behind:

Before you think too much, here’s the deal. Men love the fact that the rear region is a forbidden zone and would love a trip downtown. Let them touch you and they will love it. If you are ready to experiment, then go ahead and touch his’ too.

Mirror on top:

It’s not a sex position, but a way to feel sexier and kinky. Place a big mirror next to your bed or put it up on your ceiling. Watching oneself when doing the deed will add to his pleasure as well as yours.

Robot alert:

It’s time to get super kinky. Get a remote control operated device like a vibrator panty. Wear it and give your man the remote. Let him have control over your pleasure. Surrender completely to his whims and he will feel like the luckiest guy ever.

Happy ending:

Make the night all about him and do whatever he says. Make sure you get him his happy endings a lot of times and he will love you for it. Give him a massage, a blowjob or even tug on his balls. Whatever gets him off!


No, don’t go all girly and start girl talk with him. We are talking about the other kind of G-talk. Yes, the quest to find your g-spot! Get onto it and try different positions till you finally find it.

Read erotica:

We say read erotica and enact it out too. Pick up a really dirty book which explicitly describes the hero and the heroine doing the deed. Dress up like the characters and do it just like they did. You can’t get romantic and kinky than that.

Perineum time:

The spot between a guy’s anal region and his testicles is the most sensitive spot. If rumours are to be believed then every man’s G-spot is also situated somewhere around. We say slowly and slightly touch it. If you have an excellent gag control, then you can also go down on him and lick there.


Do the deed with your clothes on. Just get rid of the clothes which are in the path of a hot quickie. Do it in his office or in a restroom. Believe it or not, but it is the best form of displaying passion.

Self help:

Surprise him by masturbating in front of him. Go down and dirty on yourself with your fingers and let him watch. You can get him popcorn as he watches you. Dress up in garter and stockings and touch yourself sensuously as you peel them off and then start touching yourself.


Let him eat food off you or even do body shots. Your naked body can be the platter on which you can serve him the delicacies. We are sure he will be more interested in you than all the food on it.


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