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Warning: Junk food may turn you into an idiot!

WarningJunk food may turn you into an idiot!

Science says junk food might be turning you into a complete idiot.

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Junk food


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Science is giving another reason to dump junk food.

According to science, apart from causing obesity, junk food is capable of turning you into a total idiot.

Researchers at Oregon State University are saying that a diet high in fat and sugar leads to diminished “cognitive flexibility.”

The study also found that fatty and sugary foods mess with probiotic levels thereby leading to a weakened ability to adapt in changing environments.

Kathy Magnusson, a professor in the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine and principal investigator with the Linus Pauling Institute, said:

“Bacteria can release compounds that act as neurotransmitters, stimulate sensory nerves or the immune system, and affect a wide range of biological functions… This work suggests that fat and sugar are altering your healthy bacterial systems, and that’s one of the reasons those foods aren’t good for you.”

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