Six Proven Underwear Tips For Women


Underwear plays an important role in the life of the women. It’s like a support to the body and is comfortable to no one else but to her. But there are still many things about underwear that many people including women don’t know. If you wear the wrong pair of underwear, there is a risk of you catching up an infection.

Let It Breathe

You know tight-hugging underwear are time and again uncomfortable when worn for long period of time, it’s also not healthy for your vagina as it tends to limit airflow.  Well-fitting underwear made with the right material is very important. While buying online fancy panties, cotton material undergarments are the best as they have really nice breathability.

Use Skin-Friendly Detergent

Your skin is very sensitive and the skin down there is much more sensitive. So for washing your underwear always use a skin friendly detergent which is free of perfumes and dyes and is made for your sensitive skin. Avoid using bleach.

Change Them

You should change your underwear daily and should also avoid sitting too long in the same pair of underwear. This is advised because your underwear traps a lot of moisture. In fact, yeast and bacteria multiply really fast in the wet and warm environment. Also, underwear’s have a shelf life, after some point of time, the elastic gets lose and is not worth it.

Check Stains

Always see to it that your underwear doesn’t have dirty stains and the discharge and the stains can speak a lot about your health and if things are working best down under.

Be Careful With Thongs

The thongs are designed in such a way that they encourage the promotion of transmission of bacteria into and towards the vagina. Instead of struggling with a G-string and thongs, you can do boy-shorts panty online shopping as they are much more comfortable.

Iheanyi Chris
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