Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Email marketing is a highly effective way of reaching customers and can provide great results. However, some business owners find that their email campaigns aren’t as successful as they’d like. There are a few possible reasons for this, from poor mobile optimization to inaccurate mailing lists. Read on for an explanation of some of the common mistakes business owners make in their email campaigns.

Poor subject lines

Subject lines that are misleading or confusing are a big no-no in email marketing.  Your subject line should summarize the content of the email and make readers tempted to click. Striking the balance between these two factors can be difficult, and many email marketers make the mistake of leaning too far towards the “tempted to click” aspect. This is a mistake as it can make your emails appear spammy and misleading. It’s also not advisable to be too bland or descriptive. You want to be catchy and witty, yet still informative.

Not proofreading

Grammar and spelling errors come across as highly unprofessional and may land you in your customers’ spam folders rather than their inboxes. Make sure to proofread your own writing or have someone else look over it. There are also many online grammar checkers that will automatically spot any misspellings and grammar mistakes. Many of these tools can even make suggestions to help improve the clarity and tone of your writing, so it’s definitely useful to run your email copy through a grammar checker to avoid sending out an email with an embarrassing typo to hundreds of people!

Including attachments

It’s not advisable to conclude attachments in your communications as this can make customers distrusting of your emails. Due to the huge amount of email scams out there, we have all learned to be wary of downloading anything from an email or clicking unfamiliar links. Therefore, it’s important that your emails resemble don’t these scam emails by avoiding including attachments unless absolutely necessary. Instead, try to embed anything you want to attach, such as images or videos, into the body of the email.

Failing to update your mailing list

Keeping your mailing list up to date is crucial in email marketing. There is no use in sending out communications to deactivated emails. It’s also important to make sure the personal information you have on your customers is accurate, in order to allow you to target and personalize your email marketing campaigns. Lead List is a useful tool for helping you to clean up your customer database by checking for inaccuracies in your customers’ personal information and removing any inactive email addresses.

Not optimizing for mobile

Many of us check our emails on our phones. That’s why it is important for your marketing emails to account for this. Your emails should be able to be clearly read and interacted with on both a desktop and a mobile. This includes making sure your text fits the screen and making sure images are able to load quickly. Customers should also be able to tap any buttons or links with ease.


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