How to Regain Your Passion For Your Longtime Job


Staying in the same job for years may offer comfort and stability, but it can also start to wear you down after a while and feel as you are stuck. Your day-to-day work may eventually lose its lustre, causing more stress and less passion. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t kindle new enthusiasm for a longtime job. These tips will help you regain momentum for your long-term job.

Seek professional development opportunities

The only person you ultimately have control over is yourself, so spark your own fire and proactively reconnect with activities that motivate you. Seek out professional development opportunities such as training, coaching or joining industry organizations to expand your knowledge and network. Be intentional about these activities by determining how they allow you to enhance your current role. 

Ask for a short term job rotation

How rare and precious is the long-term worker these days! Employers recognize that and should be open to the idea of offering these employees a stretch assignment or temporary job rotation to other roles or locations. The goal of these special engagements is for the employee to learn, grow and experience creative energy that may be blocked if they’ve been in a job for an extended period of time.

Decide to over-deliver

Decision and action can change how engaged we feel. You could focus on one element of your role where you can increase your input by, say, 10%. Choose something you enjoy that can also add value to the organization, team or client. What are your interests and hobbies? How can you share them to enhance your role? Get passionate—it will inspire you and others too! 

Expand your horizons

Start to break some old habits. Get out from behind the desk. Find out what’s happening in other departments. Do some listening tours and discover what others are being challenged by. Start to challenge the status quo with others to uncover new ways of doing things. Become a leader rather than an order taker. It’s never too late to learn something new and make a difference.

Remind yourself why your job matters

No matter what your job is, you make a difference. Focusing on where you have an impact can help you stay motivated and energized. Look at the opportunity every day to make a difference to people and to the organization.

Iheanyi Chris
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