How To Make Conversations With Strangers: 4 Tips For Solo Travelers  


Solo travelers often have mixed experiences that go a long way in helping them decide if they will travel regularly or not. Making conversations with strangers can be an uphill or simple task depending on the individual but the end result of winning a new friend is usually well worth it. No matter the divide you belong, keep reading for the easy ways to break the ice when traveling solo, as traveling makes interactions with strangers less complicated.

Enthusiasm to overcome language barriers  

If you find yourself in a place where you do not speak a common language, you do not have to worry too much as your enthusiasm can overcome any language barrier. If you are greeted in Hausa in a state like Kano in Northern Nigeria, you should respond enthusiastically. This will not only endear you to the people but they will also volunteer to show you around.   

Do not pretend you can find your way  

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person being unable to find their way. People can immediately tell if you are a new to an area or not so be bold enough to ask for directions. If you do not ask about where you are going, no one will offer any help. Funny enough, some people will have gone deep the wrong way before they eat their pride and ask for direction. It will definitely help you make friends.  

Eat and live like a local  

Travelling solo can make you a bit conscious and concerned about your safety. But, this  does not necessarily mean that you should isolate yourself from the locals. For you to make friends, eat, live, play, and dance the way of the locals. You will never be lonely because you will always have people swarming around you like bees. However, do not take this hospitality for granted.  

Do not be put off because of incomprehension  

Living amidst persons who speak a language you do not understand can be excruciating because you feel left out of the conversation. This could discourage you from opening up  to others. This attitude can make you less amiable to the people thus they may just ignore you. Rather than sucking because you cannot comprehend what they are saying, try to contribute or ask someone to interpret for you.


Adeniyi Ogunfowoke
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