Things Every Newbie Should Know Before Traveling Abroad


Even though you might have had substantial experience in international travel, at a time, you were a newbie. Perhaps, you haven’t had any scuffle with a customs agent in your many years of traveling. Or, you have friends looking forward to their first international trip. Here are some of the important things to know before your first journey beyond the domestic terminals.

Learn The Basics

You don’t need to be fluent in the local language of your destination, but endeavor to become familiar with these 4 essential pieces of information: the currency exchange rate; how to count from 1 to 10; how to say “yes” and “no”; and how to say “thank you”.

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Do Not Be Over-Adventurous

Upon arrival in a new country, you are vulnerable to all sorts of errors and bad choices. Hence, you have to be very careful with the places you visit. Better to relax and do a bit of research when you arrive at your hotel before exploring things and places.

The Visa Process May Be Complicated

The visa application process may be more complicated and time-consuming than you’d expect, but think of it this way: as complicated as getting a passport in your own country can be, take that imposingly bureaucratic process and add in another country with a completely different set of laws, with limited staff working from a single embassy office. Given these circumstances, it’s a wonder that it isn’t harder to get a visa.

Plan Accordingly

You may think your own home airport is a pretty busy place, but the world’s biggest international hubs — including Dubai International, London Heathrow, Hong Kong International, and others take it to another level, with so many terminals, customs checkpoints, re-check-in, and more. So, you get prepared and plan how you are going to navigate these airports depending on the country you are visiting.

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Pack Light

This will be the hardest thing about travel. There are a few harder urges to overcome than overpacking. Try as much as possible to resist the temptation of over-packing. Also, do not forget to pack your things in well-secured luggage.


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