Ways To Ease A Toothache


Typically, toothaches have two main causes: when cavity damages the inside of the tooth and exposes a nerve ending before it is dead, and when fibers holding down your tooth at the socket become infected. Other causes of toothaches are the growth of a wisdom tooth or decay or gum recession. It’s safe to say a toothache is one of the most uncomfortable and sometimes, one of the most painful feelings you will ever experience.  Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 ways to help you ease a toothache in the sometimes inevitable event of one.

You should know that though remedies exist to help ease a toothache, the best thing you can do is go see a dentist to fix the problem. The following remedies can only alleviate the pain, but the problem still remains without proper treatment.

Rinse Your Mouth with Warm Water

This isn’t guaranteed to give you instant relief, but it does help to clean your mouth and get rid of food bits stuck in your teeth that might be bothering the painful spot. If the water is too cold or hot, it can make the pain worse. So, be sure the temperature of the water is lukewarm.

Apply a Warm Tea Bag on the Area

The natural tannins in the tea can help numb the pain. Make sure the tea bag is warm, not hot, so it doesn’t hurt your teeth further. Try not to overdo its use because it can stain your teeth. This remedy is especially helpful for swelling or irritation of your gums.

Try a Peroxide Rinse

This can be very helpful in removing contaminants and helps to limit the growth of bacteria. It’s especially good for impacted teeth and infections in your mouth. You can use it for some relief, until you are able to see a dentist. But be sure not to use it more than three times in a day and more than five days in a roll. This is because it can make your teeth get very sensitive.

Rinse Your Mouth with Salt Water

This popular remedy for toothaches helps to kill bacteria and make your toothache feel better. It also helps to prevent your tooth from getting infected. To apply, you should mix 1 tablespoon of salt in a medium-sized glass of warm water. Swirl around your mouth for a maximum of five minutes and spit out of your mouth. Avoid swallowing the water in the process.


Researchers believe since allicin, an oily liquid in garlic, has been used to heal diseased teeth in children, it can help ease a toothache. So you can either chew on a piece of garlic or place chopped bits on your tooth to help ease a toothache.

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