Five Top Places To Visit In San Diego


San Diego. Much like Los Angeles and New York, it’s a city everyone has wanted to visit at some point in their life.

When you get there, you want to make the most of it; you want to see it all. But what they tell you about in the tour guidebooks isn’t even scratching the surface of what this amazing city has to offer- they’ll push the San Diego Zoo, Petco Park Baseball Stadium, or the touristy beaches. But what if you’re not that kind of traveler?

What if you want to travel to some of the more hidden gems, or you just aren’t interested in that kind of thing?

In the list I’ve compiled below, you’ll find five things that may pique your interest, and will definitely include a fascination for everybody, whether they be young or old.

cabrillo national monument san diegoPhoto: KPBS

1. The Cabrillo National Monument

This was the first spot in which a European set foot in what would become San Diego.

It celebrates the arrival of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo and his expedition to the West Coast. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy is a gorgeous view of San Diego and the harbor, as you discover an amazing wealth of information about Cabrillo and his expedition.


2. Birch Aquarium

This place is a great day out for both adults and kids alike. It’s ‘sort of’ an educational trip, with their vast array of fish and a rescued turtle, but it’s enough fun to become a fast favorite. It mainly focuses on the amazing range of creatures usually found in the Pacific Ocean and is a guaranteed interesting and fascinating experience for all.

Maserati of San DiegoPhoto Courtesy

3. Maserati of San Diego

Who isn’t a lover of luxury cars and their smooth, sleek appearance? Maserati is a race car manufacturer with an extensive history leading all the way back to Italy.  You can feast your eyes on a variety of models that show one of the most illustrious pedigrees in motor history. A word of warning though, this could go way beyond a test drive … Find out more here:

4. The Old Globe theatre

San Diego has a replica of the famous Shakespearean Globe theatre – but is not just about ‘the Bard’. They perform fantastic plays all year round – from classical to more modern plays, it’s a historical experience that you would not expect to find in modern San Diego.


You can enjoy two shows per day on weekdays or three a day at the weekends. You’ll have plenty of choices of entertainment in this three-stage complex.

5. Whale watching

Between the months of December to April, whales migrate from Alaska to California for birthing in warmer temperatures. During these months you can see the pods of California Grey Whales traveling south, and they always put on a gorgeous spectacle on their journey. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a very moving sight to see!

Photo: San Diego Tourism

So, that’s five things they might not have told you about in the guidebooks to take into account when planning your visit to the fantastic San Diego, a city with a unique history and fantastically iconic landmarks!


Carol Trehearn
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