8 Guides For A Successful Visa Interview


A visit to the different embassies will give you a fair idea of the number of people who want to jet out of the country. Getting a visa for some is like a lifeline. It is either they get it or nothing else. Rejection for them is unacceptable. As such, below are a few tips for a successful visa interview.

Forget About All The Stories Of Rejection You Have Heard

There are lots of stories about the mean consular officers at the embassies and their knack for rejecting visa applications. Do not allow these stories to get to you. Have a positive mental attitude and you will be surprised that if you genuinely respond to interview questions, you will get the visa.

Arrive Very Early

There is no African time in this case. As early as 7 am some embassies have kicked off their screening. If you are late, your chances of even being allowed into the premises are very slim let alone being interviewed.

Prepare Yourself For Questions

You should be prepared to say everything about yourself and your work. So, when answering the questions, you should focus on demonstrating that you meet the requirements for getting a particular visa category and of course, do not lie.

Carry With The Right Documents

It is foolhardy when you arrive for an interview and you do not have the correct documents. Your interview is already jeopardized. It is essential that you carry the necessary documents.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Application Materials

Do not just carry the right documents, you have to also familiarise yourself with these documents. Additionally, arrange them in such a way that you can easily access any document when it is requested.

Address Any Potential Language Issues

If you have an accent that could potentially be difficult for a consular officer to understand, make sure you speak slowly. At the same time, if you cannot understand what the consular officer is saying, do not be afraid to say it as it is for your own good.

Dress For Success 

Dress for your visa interview like you will dress for a job interview. You must appear businesslike.


If you are a religious person, there is absolutely nothing wrong with praying for your visa application to go smoothly. However, you must do all the aforementioned. Like they say: “work and pray.”


Ubong Richmond
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